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.-^* Dollie Mania *^-.

ATTENTION! The results are in on the poll that started March 15, 2004 through August 21, 2004 that would determine this sites future. With only 20 votes overall... 1 for get rid of it, 4 for undecided, 5 for don't get rid of it and let someone take over, and 10 for don't get rid of it. So this site will remain on the web! Thanks for your feedback from those very few who took my poll.

Mix O Dolls

Black hair 10
Blonde hair 91
Brown hair 77
Red hair 21
Colored hair 31
All boys 50
Animated 75
Girl Fairies/Winged people 65
Boy Fairies/Winged people 4
Angels & Devils 6
Couples 50
Goths 38
Groups 22
TV & Movies 7
Sports 30
Stores 22
Weird Animal-people 5
Sayings 60
Music Stars 136

Hey everyone! Welcome to Dollie Mania! All 1033+ dollz are up for grabs (yes, there are that many). This setup is for the people who don't support frames so they can be here too. All of the links to the different sections are on the left and right, categorized under head and sub-headings. Some of the dolls may be found in multiple sections, cuz they don't just belong in one part. The numbers beside the links is how many are in each section. The music section on the left is broken down into a list of links once you click on it.


My Dolls (6) Updates Contact

DISCLAIMER! I get dolls from random people or are given to me by sites and if there is a doll/dolls on this site that you own the rights to and would appreciate if I took it down go to Contact, and tell me what page it's on and give a description.


Black hair 11
Blonde hair 23
Brown hair 11
Red hair 13
Colored hair 9
Black hair 5
Blonde hair 6
Brown hair 1
Red hair 1
Colored hair 4
Animated 6
Girl Fairies/Winged people 5
Boy Fairies/Winged people 2
Couples 84
Goths 6
Groups 1
Celebritys 3
Sayings 17
Weird Animal-people 1
Nsync 4