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Kent McBride ...

Kent McBride is a Metis artist whose carvings reflect his life-long relationship to the bush and its inhabitants.

Born of Scottish/Irish/Ojibway/French descent in a small farming community in Starks Corners, Pontiac Quebec. Kent spent most of his earlier years in the bush, hunting and trapping. He learned the art of taxidermy and studied wildlife quite intensely.

He complemented his natural, self taught talent with basic art techniques developed through the Famous Artists school in the United States. Kent's keen eye generates the accuracy and fine detail in his wildlife carvings, which clearly shows his love for creatures of the wild. Although Kent has produced numerous paintings of landscapes, wildlife and Native themes, his real satisfaction is drawn from the three dimensional art form of woodcarving.

Kent works with many different woods, and uses acrylics and oils to paint his work. He prefers to use oils to achieve the true colours of his subjects.He is a member of the Canadian Metis Council and the Metis Arts Council.

The Galleries

About The Galleries ...

In Kent's Galleries you'll find examples of his work from detailed carvings and walkingsticks to handpainted shields and mandalas. The price listed for an individual piece includes shipping, handling and insurance. If you have any questions on an item or wish to make a purchase, please contact the artist directly. Just click on the "Contact the Artist" link found on each page. An email message will pop up in your browser.

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