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3033 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113 USA


1974 to present Sculptor in wood, steel, bronze and precious metals. Works range from the figurative to the abstract.
Commissions as well as personal studies take form my hands. I work on a monumental scale for outdoor public projects.
I also work with precious metals for small intimate jewelry.

1989 to present Co-owner of Foundry Artists Inc., d.b.a. Studio Foundry, Cleveland, Ohio Fine Art Bronze Casting serving artists throughout the MidWest. Studio Foundry is a group of artists working together in the
production of fine bronze casting through the lost wax process. This process involves the making of molds, wax work,
investment molds, chasing, patination and final mounting. Each artist is responsible for completion of the entire process.

1976 to 1989 Associate of Studio Foundry, Cleveland, Ohio

1974 to present Fine Arts Photography and Jewelry

1993 to present Ceramics


1970-1974 B.F.A., Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Major: Sculpture. Minors: Metal Design & Photography,
Summa Cum Laude


2004 Career Day, St Ignatius Highschool, one of a panel, speeking of art careers, education path, how to
survive, 4 classes//slides exhibiting work Cleveland, Oh invitation

2004 Career day, Villa Angel/St joseph's High School sculptor/sculptures career, presenting sldes and talks
on art career, invitation, spring, Cleveland, Oh.


for Cleveland Public Theater fall events, Cleveland Oh Invitational

2004 SAFMOD, Set Design, culturflex, Gymnastic Pyramid, 10ft in all lengths

Cleveland Public Theater Festival Feb continuing designs with perfromers


Studio Foundry demonstrates processes for Museum Members lecture of processes,
pouring demo, with Q&A to process at Studio Foundry, March 2003 Cleveland, Oh
Contracted for demonstration

2003 Guest Lecturer, "Succeeding as a Professional Artist after Art School", Prof. Bissett's class, Cleveland
Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

2002 Lecture: "Elizabeth Catlett's Carving and Casting Techniques", Ms. Schaffer's class, Cleveland Museum
of Art, Cleveland, OH

2001 Foundry Demonstration, Prof. Voss' art class, Cuyahoga Community College Eastern Campus, Cleveland, OH

2000 Foundry class/workshop, Prof. Prudic's/Prof. Voss' classes, Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH

1999 Foundry Presentation: facilities and processes, Prof. Bissett's sculpture class, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

1999 Juror: High School sculpture, ceramics, & photography for Columbus Governor's Pre-selection Art Show, Eastern
Cuyahoga County Region, Chagrin Falls, OH

1998 Studio Presentation, for Dr. Lampella's 'Teachers Collaborating with the Art Community', Dept. of Art, Cleveland State
University, Cleveland, OH

1998 Art After School workshop, Sara Hartley's 'Transitions' class, State University of New York, Purchase, NY

1997 Mold-Making Workshop, Prof. Cassara's Fiber class, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

1999, 96 Studio Lecture and Workshop, Prof. Hartman's W.E.B. DuBois class for Gifted High Schoolers, Cleveland
State University Cleveland, OH

1996 Artwork as Career Presentation, After School Prevention Resources, Cleveland, OH

1996-98 Arts in Transit Selection Committee member, Regional Transit Authority, Cleveland, OH

1995-present 'Rakus for You', Blue Circle, Cleveland, OH, ongoing open raku workshop

1995 Foundry Presentation, Prof. Danhires' Akron University Sculpture class, Cleveland, OH

1995 Foundry Presentation, Prof. Buganski's Sculpture class, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

1995 Foundry Presentation, Cleveland State University's W.E.B. DuBois Summer Institute, Cleveland, OH

1995 Foundry Techniques and Tour, Prof. Terrell's Kent State University's Sculpture class, Cleveland, OH

1994 'The Art of Bronze', workshop/presentation on bronze casting,Cleveland, Museum of Art,Cleveland, OH

1993 Studio Foundry & Personal Studio Tour, Lake County Neighboring Tour, Cleveland, OH

1993 Studio Foundry Tour, Lake Catholic High School, Cleveland, OH

1993 Foundry Presentation, Cav Walker's class, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH

1993 Foundry Class Lecture & Demonstration, Prof. Bisset's class, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

1992 Guest Lecturer, Career Day, Lowell Academy, Lorain, OH

1991 "Tech Shops; Foundry Techniques and Tours," Workshop Instructor, Studio Foundry, Sponsored by
International Sculpture Center, Washington, DC, Cleveland, OH

1988 to present Studio Foundry Technique Talks, Studio Foundry, Cleveland, OH

1986 to 2001 Guest Lecturer, Prof. Hartman's Governor's Institute for Gifted & Talented High School Students
class, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

1988 Curator, May Dugan Art Fundraising Sale, Beck Center, Lakewood, OH

1988, 87, 86 Board of Directors, Glady Run Art Retreat, Summerfield, OH

1989, 88, 87 Guest Lecturer, prof. Hartman's Feminism and Art class, First College, Cleveland State University,
Cleveland, OH

1987, 86 Organizer, Shadow Project, (Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament), Interviewed by
WEWS-TV, Cleveland, OH

1986 Art Consultant/Agent, Watermark Restaurant Public Exhibition Space, Cleveland, OH

1986 Mural Consultant/Backer for 2-story mural painted by Hartman & Hibbs, Cleveland, OH

1986 Sponsor for Emerging Artist Exhibition for Art Focus '86 by NOVA, Cleveland, OH

1986 Sponsor for Art Work for 1986 Peacewalk/Freezewalk, Cleveland, OH

1985 to present Sponsor for Performance, Film, Poetry, Dance, Visual and Musical Arts Events, at the
Blue Circle, Cleveland, OH

1985 to 1988 Photographer for Scenic Arts, Great Lakes Theater, Cleveland, OH

1985, 84 Layout and Designer for Freeze Walk Program Guide and Ad Book, Cleveland, OH

1984 Curator for War Heads exhibition, Canton, OH


2003 DEADHORSE GALLERY, SATELLITE SITES,group show, invitational

Avon Lake Library, Avon Lake Ohio, summer show

2003 Helen Keller bronze, The Women's City Club for
Cleveland Rockefeller Park Blind Garden, Cleveland, OH, Commission

2002 SAFMOD, Freedom Festival, Star Plaza, Cleveland, OH, Collaborative Performance

2002, 4 Holiday Show, Dead Horse Gallery, Lakewood, OH, Invitational

2001 Group exhibition, Dead Horse Gallery, Lakewood, OH, Invitational

2000-01 NIA Studio, Winds of Change, Moreland Hills, OH, Installations

2001 SAFMOD, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH, Collaborative performance

2000 Parade the Circle, Cleveland Museum of Art, SAFMOD Collaboration

2000 Dance Macabre Show, Dead Horse Gallery, Lakewood, OH, Invitational

2000 Outdoor Sculpture Show, Safron Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

2000, 99 Holden Arboretum Exhibition, Lake County, OH, Invitational

1999 Opening Show, Dead Horse Gallery, Lakewood, OH, Invitational

1999 'Metamorphosis', SAFMOD, Cleveland Public Theater, Cleveland, OH, Collaborative

1999 There but for the grace of... Temporary Shelters, Here Here Gallery: A shelter for ideas in art,
architecture, and design, Curated by Bernice Steinbaum, of Steinbaum/Krause Gallery NYC Soho

Here Here Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1999 Rev. Dick Sering Service Award, Award Design, Lutheran Metro Ministries, Cleveland,
OH, Commission

1999 Things That Pass Through My Hands, Southside Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Solo

1998 48 Hours, An Art-Making Weekend and Exhibit, Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH, Invitational

1997 Swords-plowshares, Sculpture for Advent. St. Patrick's Church, Cleveland, OH, Commission

1997 Multiple Metals, Clague, Weimer, Ranally, Fine Arts Association, Willoughby, OH, Invitational

1997 Sixth Annual Anniversary Exhibition, Art at the Powerhouse, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1996, 97 Angels, Icons, and Spiritual Works, Art at the Powerhouse, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1996 Sculpture on Second, Metropolitan Arts Council, Cedar Rapids, IA, Juried Show, one year exhibit

1996 Echoes, The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH, Juried Show, (as Andre Jarr)

1996 Home, Faith, Family! What Are We Leaving? 90th Anniversary Celebration Show St. Mary's of
Assumption Church, Cleveland,OH, Invitational

1996 Homelessness, by Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, The Black Box, Cleveland State Art Gallery,
and The Valley Art Center, Cleveland, OH, Juried Traveling

1996 Tremont Art Walk Exhibition, Miracles, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1996 Fifth Anniversary Exhibition, Art in the Powerhouse, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1995 Seasons/Cycles, Colonial Arcade Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Solo

1995 4 the Figure, Art in the Powerhouse, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1995 Ranally's Window Installation Urban Nativity, Art in the Powerhouse,
Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1995 Animal Artistry, Chelsea Gallery, Beachwood, OH, Invitational

1995 Art Car and Anything that Rolz, Parade, Coalition on Wheels, Chicago, Il, Juried

1995 The Art of Industry...A Labor of Love, Gallery 0022, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1995 Artist Made Fountains, Inside Art Gallery, Chicago, Il, Juried

1995 Still Here: Fifty Years of the Bomb and Nuclear Technology, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1995 Home Is Where the Art Is, Millworks Gallery, Inc., Bath, OH, Invitational

1995 to 98 Cleveland Poetry Cooperative Reading and Exhibition, for the Sight Center, Rockefeller Park
Greenhouse, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1995 Cleveland Poetry Cooperative Reading and Exhibition, Highbrook Lodge, Chardon, OH, Invitational

1995, 96 Diverging Dimensions, Christian and Braun Studio, Chagrin Falls, OH, Juried

1994 Destinations, Spaces, Cleveland, OH, Juried

1994 Another Wild Party, The Repertory Dance Co., Cleveland, OH, Art Auction

1993, 76 May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH, Juried

1993 Outdoor Sculpture, The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio, Juried

1993 Tactile/Passion, E.I.O. Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Two Person

1993 1993 Exhibition 280: Works Off Walls, Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV, Juried

1994, 93 Holiday Show, E.I.O. Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1992 A Purgative Event, Blue Circle, Cleveland, OH, Performance Art

1992 The Inaugural Show, Akademia Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Juried

1992 Ohio and Erie Canal Big 160 Exhibition, Great Lakes Brewery Gardens, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1992 Utopia: Envisioning a Dream, Forum Gallery, Jamestown, NY, Juried

1992 Home & Flower Show, Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1992 14 Stations of the Cross, Holy Angels Church, Sandusky, OH, Commission

1991 Sunday in the Park, Cleveland Heights, OH, Benefit

1990 Small Sculptures, Tangeman Fine Arts Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, Juried Show

1990 Group Show, William Engle Gallery, Indianapolis, IN, Invitational

1991, 90 Studio Foundry Show, Studio Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1989 Studio Foundry Show, National City Bank, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1989 Fear of Others/Art Against Racism, Vancouver East Cultural Art Center, Vancouver, B.C.,
Canada, International Traveling Juried Show

1989 Neo Post Modern Art, Cuyahoga Community College, Metro Campus, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1989 Ranally, Van Der Lann, Acme Art Co., Columbus, OH, Invitational

1991-79 Hallinan Center Religious Art Show, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, Juried

1991-86 People's Art Show, Cleveland State University Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Unjuried Group

1988 Processional Mace, Notre Dame College of Ohio, South Euclid, OH, Commission

1988 Restoration Plaque, St. Patrick's Social Hall, Cleveland, OH, Commission

1988 All Ohio 1988, Canton Art Institute, Canton, OH, Juried

1988 May Dugan Art Show, Beck Center, Lakewood, OH, Benefit Invitational

1988 St. Patrick's Coffee and The Arts Exhibit, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1988 NOVA's Artwalk Exhibition & Blue Circle Event, Blue Circle, Cleveland, OH

1987 Ranally & Hartman Sculptures & Drawings, Karamu Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Two Person

1987 John Ranally's Sculptures, Two Doors Down Gallery, Lansing, Michigan, Solo

1986 to present Window Installations, Blue Circle, Cleveland, OH

1986 Ursuline Service Plaque, St. Patrick's Church, Cleveland, OH, Commission

1986 Cole, Little & Ranally, Touchstone Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1986 St. Ignatius High School Magis Award Design, Cleveland, OH, Commission

1985 Processional Cross, St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland, OH, Commission

1985 3 Person Invitational, Touchstone Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1984 Warheads, Blakelock & Gardner Gallery, Canton, OH, Group

1983 David Miller Home Ornamentation, Russell Township, OH, Commission

1983 Ohio City Open House Tour, Ohio City, OH, Invitational

1982 Beachwood Museum Show, Beachwood, OH, Invitational

1981 Massillon Exhibition, Massillon, OH, Invitational

1981 Willoughby Fine Arts Show, Willoughby, OH, Juried

1980 Image Resource Center Show, Cleveland, OH, Group

1980 Beck Center Exhibition, Lakewood, OH, Juried

1980 Sandusky Cultural Art Show, Sandusky, OH, Invitational

1979 Studio Foundry Exhibition , Bonfoeys Gallery, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1979 Studio Foundry Show, Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH, Invitational

1979 North American Sculpture Exhibition, The Foothills Art Centre, Golden CO, International Juried

1979, 78, 77 Mt. Sinai Show, Cleveland, OH, Invitational

1978 MetroGeneral Hospital Award, Cleveland, OH, Commission


1994 "Cityworks", Grant, Cleveland, OH, Collaborative neighborhood project

1994 "Committee for Public Art Award", Cleveland, O_H, Special Mention for Greenwood Pool Mural

1991 "Most Powerful Artwork," People's Art Show, CSU Gallery, Cleveland, OH


2000-present ArtMetro Gallery, Cleveland, OH

2001-present Dead Horse Gallery, Lakewood, OH

2001-02 Safran Gallery, Tremont, OH

1995-98 Animality, Ann Arbor, MI

1985-00 Art in the Powerhouse, Cleveland,OH

1976-83 Sylvia Ullman Gallery, Cleveland, OH


2002 'Sarah's World, New Helen for greenhouse garden', Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH, Apr. 11

2001 'The Sculpting of a Soul', Catholic Universe Bulletin, Nancy Erikson, Cleveland, OH, Mar.2

2000 'From Here Here to Eternity', Northern Ohio Live Magazine, Frank Green , Cleveland, OH, May

2000 'There but for the grace of...Temporary Shelters', Sculpture Magazine, Ann Albritton, Washington, D.C., May

1999 'Stilled Lives, From the homeless at a new gallery to the motionless at the Cleveland Museum of Art', Free Times,
Frank Green and Dan Tranberg, Cleveland, OH, Dec. 8

1998 'A Good 48 Hours', Free Times, Frank Green, Cleveland, OH, Oct. 21

1996 'A Different Perspective', Northern Ohio LIVE, Dan Rourke, Cleveland, OH, Aug

1995 'Artists Look at the Bomb', Free Times, Frank Green, Cleveland, OH, Aug. 2

1995 '1994 Review of Alternative Spaces', Art in America, Annual Guide to Museums, Galleries,
photo of 'Destinations' exhibition, New York, NY

1995 'Gallery is Pallette of Open Studio Works', Plain Dealer, Helen Cullinan, Cleveland, OH, May 19

1993 'May Show Live-Cleveland Museum of Art', with Evan Turner & Tom Hinson, WCPN Cleveland
Public Radio,
Cleveland, OH, Jun. 9

1993 'Art Review, Powerhouse Gallery', Plain Dealer, Stephen Litt, Cleveland, OH, Jul. 16

1993 `Turner's Last Turn, A Too-Pretty Swan Song', Cleveland Free Times, Amy Sparks, Cleveland, OH, Jun. 16

1993 `Art Co-operative Celebrates Anniversary in the Flats', Plain Dealer, Helen Cullinan, Cleveland, OH, Jul. 31

1993 `Artistry, Career Cast in Bronze', Plain Dealer, Helen Cullinan, Cleveland, OH, Jul. 31

1993 `Portrait of an Artist as a Business Novice', Small Business News, John Russell, Cleveland, OH, Nov.

1992 `A Pitch To Get It Together', Plain Dealer, Lou Mio, Cleveland, OH, Sep. 20

1991 Midtown Corridor Messenger, Cleveland, OH, Mar.

1989 `People's Art Show', Dialogue, Amy Sparks, Cleveland, OH, Jan.-Feb.

1985 `Interesting People of the Year', Cleveland Magazine, Cleveland, OH, Feb

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