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Minutes of Membership Meeting

February 14, 2012

After 5:30pm potluck, at 6:15 Bob Murphy called the business portion of the meeting to order.

Sylvia Kennedy-Godin gave the treasurer's report:

$ 890.40 in checking account (not counting dues received tonight)

$ 3,280.60 in savings account

$ 3,480.09 in scholarship account

Bob Murphy reported the 2012 board is made up of: himself as president

vice president position is open if anyone would like to volunteer

Sylvia Kennedy-Godin, treasurer

Annette Lorraine, secretary

John Weaver, past president

Joan Smith, member-at-large

Jan Avery, member-at-large

Linda Kiniry, member-at-large


There was a motion to make our annual $500 donation to the Aldrich Library, second, no discussion, unanimous approval. Sylvia KG directed to do so.


Karen Lane of the Aldrich Library would like longer-running shows, so the Spring Show will run about 6 weeks: April 2-May 11. Bob M. will place calendar announcements with the World and the Times Argus; Annette L. will place with the Bridge.


Volunteer sign-up sheet was circulated; various needs and volunteer positions discussed.


Scholarship program. The 2012 committee consists of John Weaver, Melinde Cantor and Madonna Commo. Discussed possibility of changes for 2013 and beyond since our scholarship may be reducing the student's other student aid in the FAFSA process. Possibilities include awarding the money to help fund local school programs, or to the student as gift certificate to the college bookstore or art supply store, or as a payment to the student's parents. For now, we will leave it to the committee and inquire with the student awarded the scholarship if s/he has a preference.


2012 dates for membership to keep in mind:

Wed, April 11: membership meeting

Wed, June 13: (maybe) membership meeting

July 25-29: Barre Heritage Days and summer show

August: maybe have an outdoor meeting -send Bob M. ideas for a location with a shelter

Wed, Oct. 10: membership meeting

Wed, Dec. 12 membership holiday party


New memberships. Possibly revise form. Most important thing is if they will pay their $15 annual dues and are willing to volunteer for duties besides be in shows. New member Susan Wilke of Montpelier (watercolor, acrylic, collage, textile art, not present) asked if potluck dish ingredients were labeled. She - and it turns out others in the club - are lactose intolerant. We will put her in charge of figuring out a system to label or flag dishes for allergens.


Website: committee working on it is now Charlie Green, Fred White, Madonna Commo. Every member should email Charlie a short biography and 3 jpg images of sample artwork (any size - he can reduce) (or email to Joan and she will get to Charlie) Those who have no computer skills can ask for help of others, like Annette L. will help photograph or scan art. Annette L. and Joan S. will look into the possibility of a Paletteers Facebook page open forum.


Adjourned. Next mtg: April 11.