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Strijensas, Netherlands




If I thought Hellevoetsluis was hard to find, I hadn't looked for this one yet. This trip during  January 2002 gave me the opportunity to go find the ones I didn't visit or know about during my first visit. But as you can see, I did find it. I can't begin to give any better directions than find it on the map, south of Rotterdam, west of A16, east of A29, then drive down into the town (though it is more like a village) all the way to the dike. There is a forked road that goes over the dike in nearly opposite directions, take the right side and go through this arch thing and up on the dike. There is a boat yard over to the left and if you walk through the boat yard and past the gate into the private slips, at the end is where you can see the lighthouse.

Anyways there it is, I don't know much about it. The village sits along the big canal that comes east from Hellevoetsluis and so the light must mark it's location. The canal is very wide and I could not see any obstructions that it might give warning to.



Here's how I saw it:

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John B Caddell

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