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OASIS is a support group for Homeschool families in Southwest Michigan.  We meet each month (Sept - May) for a Mom's meeting where we explore different homeschool topics.


Although a Christian group, OASIS welcomes any sincere homeschooling family looking for


 encouragement and camaraderie.



Want to know more about OASIS? Go to and click on "Support Groups".

The OASIS page on the KAHSA website is updated monthly with information about our meetings.

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New to homeschooling in Southwest Michigan?  Check out the "New to Kzoo" page under the "About homeschooling" tab on the KAHSA website.  You will find lots of info to get you started!








Would you like to get our updates about meetings


 and fieldtrips?


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For more information call Tami at 353-4315.


You can also find up to date info about everything homeschooling in Southwest Michigan at

Check out the OASIS page on the KAHSA website!

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