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Long Time Ago




Long time ago
our hearts were bright as the blooms in spring
long time ago
is when you gave me my ring

we walked along by the stream
it felt just like dreaming
and It was long long ago
our hearts have stayed by that scene.

Long time ago
we always talked of forever more
long time ago
we knew our love would endure

now that our old days do start
we still never part now
although a long time ago
the memories stay in our heart.

we walked along by the stream
in love as we are now
oh, yes, a long time ago
our love has not left that scene.

Copyright © 2002 John Torp
Music by John Torp
Lyrics by Dorothy Acton and John Torp


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The beautiful photo used for this set is by John Torp, and used with his permission.


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The beautiful music you are listening to is "Long Time Ago"
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