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Vathi A.K.A Samos Town

   Unlike most islands, Hora is not the modern capital. Instead the town's capital is its main port. My guidebooks fail to agree on the true name of the town. In my brief stay I saw it referred to as both Samos Town and Vathi. Vathi means deep and refers to both the deep harbor and valley it is placed in (most likely the site of a Paleolithic glacier) and is a fitting name. However, Samos town would follow the naming system of other islands, naming the island for its name port (and Vathi is the upper town then).

  In any case this town to be named latter is quite a modern town, whose shops appear to be geared more for locals searching for needs than tourists. Being the main port it does contain hotels around the waterfront, including the hard working Hotel Artemis, which I recommend, and tourist bars. Locals seem to go to the tavernas away from the main waterfront and to the east of the port. However, if you get away from the main port, you quickly leave the tourists behind and find a quite attractive, Greek island town. I enjoyed the town so much I spent two extra days there. The town also contains all of the archeological treasures found elsewhere on the island and contains quite an interesting collection of statues. There is no real order of my pictures. I hope you enjoy.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, Click on the title or thumbnail to view the larger picture.

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Part I Waterfront and Town

Town from Above


Fishing Boat and harbor

Square next to Artemis

Ally at night


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All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright September 30, 2001