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Paros Town Photos

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Paros Town, A.K.A. Parikia is the main transit hubs of the Aegean islands and one of two natural harbors on the island. It can be divided into the old, traditional town with newer (neo) settlement expanding on all sides. There are boats coming in and out constantly with hoards of backpackers transfering in the harbor. Once you get away from this mass of humanity, you are rewarded with a labyrinth of the white washed buildings. Some highlights
  • Church of 100 doors. Said to be founded by Saint Helen, Constantine's Mother, it is one of the oldest churches on the islands, with the current, Byzantine structure dating to the 6th century.
  • Grotto of the nymph A.K.A grotto of the virgin. Shrine to a nymph (of the sea), which was concentrated to discourage pagan worship.
  • Temple of Athena converted to a castle.
  • Church of Konstandros, built on the temple of Athena.

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    Church of Konstandros

    Harbor Chapel



    Sunset Cafe

    Boat from Balcony
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    All photos by John L. Polos
    Copyright November 16, 2001