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Church of Panayia Glykofilousa

St. George

Petra Waterfront

Window in Church Court Yard

Church of Panayia Glykofilousa

Path up Rock

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All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright August 23, 2001 I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, .
   Petra is a small coastal resort with typical Italian style buildings. In mythology, this was where Achilles anchored his ships during the Trojan War. The town gets its name for a rock near the sea side that the original settlement was built around. On the rock is the church of Panayia Glykofilousa (Virgin Mary of the Sweet Kiss).
   Inside the church is an icon of the Virgin that, according to legend, was stolen one night by a freighter only to have the icon reappear in the night. The crew took the icon again only for it to return. They decided that this was Divine will and built the church.
   I read in one book that the rock the the church is built on fell from the sky. However a more likely cause is the rock was pushed up from the earths crust and the soil around was washed away. (Like Ayers rock in Australia)