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Mitilini Photos
Mitilini, O Xora
Mitilini PhotosMitilini Information
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Harbor in the Morning

fishing boats

Far side of Harbor

Night Spots
I liked Faces


City Hall

Statue of Liberty

Mitilini: The Castle The Back Streets
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   Mitilini, also known as Lesbos Town or Hora (Capital) is the capital and main port of the island of Lesbos. Therefore, the island is often called by Mitilini, which is costmary in the islands. I think this name switching may as well as be to confuse tourists trying to find the right boat. The town and Harbor have existed since the third century B.C. and as a result show a mixed verity of buildings and ruins.
   One of the most prominent landmarks you see as you pull into the harbor is the ruined Venetian Castle, which was built upon the ruins of the ancient Acropolis. At one time this castle, as well as other ancient ruins found on its hill, were separated by a moat thus separating it from the town and forming an artificial island.
   My first impression of the town, other than "we are sure close to Turkey" was that the town is a working town. It is devoid of all of the tourist shops that inhabit most of the other islands. All of the shops you pass by are like shops you would find in any large city; Books Stores, clothing stores, and markets, drug stores. This is a working city with real working city.
   The town's waterfront is like any trendy area that you would find in any Greek city. The waterfront is where the young Greeks would go to hang out. There is a nice walkway around the harbor for the Posada (walking up and down the streets to see and be seen) and a bunch of trendy, expensive coffee shops. The neoclassical buildings around the waterfront and near the castle are quite beautiful as well.

All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright August 23, 2001