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     Agiaossos is a small, traditional village located in the southern portion of Lesvos between the two bays near Mt. Olympus. Being off the beaten path, Agiassos has been able to preserve much of its traditions and culture, though there is a small bit of tourist trade because of this. I found my self headed to Agiassos on the recommendation of one of my Uncles. I arrived on a beautiful Sunday morning right after one of the many church services. As I walked up the hill the town is situated upon, I discovered a town that I would expect baring the "traditional" label. I found shop keepers sitting outside waiting of their shops waiting for customers or the latest gossip from their friends. I wandered around a pleasant a farmers market in the Agora. Men, both young and old were sitting in the Cafe's outside the church doing what Greek men do: Talk to each other and watch people walk by.

     The buildings of the town are similar to other buildings on the island, influenced by the Italians and Turks but they also are similar to buildings in other parts of Greece. The town is located on a hill with a nice view of Mt. Olympus. All of its weaving streets lead first to the agora and then to the Church. Finally, the streets lead up to a cool taverna at the top of the town. The people are really friendly, greeting you as you wander the streets looking around. I hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments, please E-mail me, .

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Taverna on the top of the town


Road up to Agora

Church Door

Cloister of Church

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All photos by John L. Polos
Copyright August 23, 2001