An original work by Dave Phillips

"Tomahawk Tom" is my gunslinger/sherrif 'bot. He is tall and lean and mean and badass in every way. He's loaded up and ready to kick some bot'arse and he's even got a sherrif's badge so it's all legal!

Tom stands 30" to the top of his eyes (note: with antennae's fully extended they go at least 43" tall, although they are adjustable so you can make them as tall as you wish. Just to let you know that the top of the eyes themself is 30'. Just dont' overextend them as they are vintage tv antennaes are just tubes inside of tubes, and if abused or yanked on, will come right out (they go back in of course, just letting you know).

His is 9 1/2" at his widest point, and 4 1/2" at his deepest point. Tom is made of an array of electrcial parts, a 4X 4 turned into a bat shape (hand-lathed by me - as I rework virtually every part i use in my works). I also used a very old butternut can, 2 20 year old cap guns (you can see them in one of the smaller photos, I did my best to capture them for you). He's got a sherrif's star off of an antique red wagon that was damaged beyond repair. Not the badge, the wagon. The gun belts are off of a pair of old boots that my daughter wore back when the world was younger, and of course 2 fuses for his eye circuitry.

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