An original work by Dave Phillips

This is another one of Dave's Found Object Robot Sculptures. Dave specializes in taking objects that are either leftover, taken from vintage pieces (whenever possible), and that which others discard, and turning all of it into lovely robot scuptures.

"E.B. Smith" is the ultimate party bot. He's art, he's a party, he's your pal and he's an Outlaw!!!

EB stands 13" high at his tall, 6" wide, and approx. 4" deep at his widest points. I specifically made him in a cocky stance, holding aloft a goblet of oil and he's got a sort of insecty-birdlike, weirdness to him that is really quite fetching. He's also smoking an eye screw painted to look like a hand-rolled smoke, as all bad outlaw-robots would smoke and care nothing about the damage to his internal circuitry. He lives for today, tomorrow is for losers. His chest plate is from an old tap shoe and has his name "EB Smith" engraved on it. He was born of a candy tin, old electrical lamp parts, and miscellaneous oddities.

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