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Surreality Series #1

The "Loner" Series

The "Passion" Series #1

The "Crimson Dream" Series

The Black/Grey Series #1

The Surreality Series #2

"Haunted" Series #1

Up Through The Trees Series

Dream Within a Dream Series

The Abstracts...

The Reflected Series

Don't Miss out on your chance to own one of Council Bluffs most interesting historical homes
Situated in a prime location!
We have owned this gorgeous 134 year old Historical Home (built in 1877) for 14 years and have loved every single minute of it!!.

ONLY getting the chance to fulfill a life-long dream (to design and build our own home) are we able to leave it now and once you read about it, you'll see why it's truly an investor/real estate dream on many levels and one of the gems of Council Bluffs .... AND... it's priced to sell



- Zoned Light Commercial, This home already has been configured for individual utilities (gas/electric). When we purchased this home, there were 2 Antique stores situated the ground floor and 2 LARGE apartments upstairs! We have never changed back the locks etc and so it's already configured for apartments or offices!


- There were also 5 mailing addresses to this home and while we no longer rent any part of it out, putting back the mailing addresses would be a snap!
We even have a parking lot that holds 5-6 cars!


Located at the very well-traveled corner of South 7th Street and 6th Avenue, (right off of the South Expressway),
this house is located across from the Juvenile Correction Facility, and so close to the courthouse you (and your clients) can walk there!
The downtown location is an Attorney's dream (just check out all the other historical homes that have already been converted). With so many office choices inside, you can take your pick of the fantastic choices, lease out the other "offices" and have an incredible business location AND future investment!


- Built in 1877 by the Mayor of Council Bluffs, the "Walker House" remains one of the prime examples of gorgeous historical architecture in downtown Council Bluffs.

With a history as interesting as the town itself, this house has had many incarnations. From the Walker's family home, to a "Speak-easy" during the great depresstion, to Presidential/political fundraisers held during the "Margarite's Catering" years (where such well-known figures as Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarznegger

I am often asked why, exactly it is that I paint dead trees, and why so many of my paintings are ... well... sort of eerie....

I have no simple answer to that question, because I paint what I dream, of places that I've seen and I know but can't remember where, or when. I struggle endlessly to create them, to put onto canvas and paper what my mind sees so clearly in those haunting moments between asleep and awake, and it is the struggle to create that continues to drive me, and yet to bring me so much satisfaction.

In my landscapes I try to capture my inner soul, and in my landscapes I try to vent the explosions of thought and emotion that affect my life - bonds that all of us share, even if we never meet.

In my abstracts, I try to capture pure, raw emotion, the forces that drive us, shape us, torture us and allow us to share this human experience of being alive and all that it entails.

Creating is as much a part of me as breathing and to those of you who view these links and enjoy my art, THANKYOU!!!

To those of you who have purchased from me in the past, a huge, heartfelt thankyou for supporting original art both on ebay and the internet. We all appreciate it more than you could know!!!! However, if you see something you like, I will be happy to do my own inspired version (I do not, however, ever duplicate a painting - I couldn't if I tried and that's the truth).

My works are available on ebay (the artist's delight, no middle man!) and are available at...

"Bamboo and Beyond", San Diego, California.

The 13th Street Coffee Shop (Old Market District), Omaha,NE

The Meeting Place, (old Market District), Omaha, NE

Our House Defines Art, El Dorado Hills,CA

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