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Francesca Sanders

What's up next?

Slap That Bitch

a hip hop retelling of Taming of The Shrew
Fuse Theatre Ensemble
Theater! Theatre!
Portland, Oregon
Runs February/March 2010

Opening in April, 2010

Celeste and Starla Save Todd And Win Back The Day
20% Theatre Company
Minneapolis Theatre Garage

Award Winning Full-Length Plays Include:

Ride The Rustling Wheat
A singing slave takes you on a journey through 1854 and today as we explore our cultural identity.

Celeste And Starla Save Todd And Win Back The Day

Celeste and Starla (the starfish) have a murder marked on their calendar with a capital M. Will they be able to find Todd and Save the Day?

If You Take One Elf off The Shelf
Read the wonderful review of the New York production at: NY

I Become A Guitar
Journey to Mexico and quite a bit further as we redefine the word love.

Ophelia In Garland
What happens when Ophelia shows up in Garland Texas?

To Wait In Heavy Harness

Are today's dilemmas better answered now --or before, in ancient India?

The Chuck Mee Challenge
10 directors, 34 actors, no rules.

Participant-Seven Devil's Playwriting Conference

Finalist for Play Labs
Ojai Playwriting Festival
New Harmony Project
Rosenthal New Play Prize
National Black Theatre Festival
Orlando Shakespeare Festival Harriet Lake Prize and many, many others.

Recipient of The Oregon Literary Fellowship for Drama
The Portland Civic Theatre Guild Award for Theatrical Excellence
Ludwig Vogelstien Playwriting Grant
Women's Work Residency New Perspectives Theatre, New York and many other honors.

Readings and productions from off-Broadway to Bangalore, India.

Selected short plays:

I Am A Black Girl
The Rudy, winner of the $1,000 UMBC 10 in 10 Competition
I Am An Arab Girl
What's Wrong With Me?
The Alec Guiness Things
The Cap
The Drill
You Can't Be Happy Once You've Played Judas
Urashima Taro(Commissioned by Portland Center Stage)and many others.

Many available through Brooklyn Publishers -

For teaching schedule or script information, contact the author at:

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