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Contact Info

Here you will find all contact information

relevant to the artist and representation

for the artist.



Ralph Suny

7403 Miller Ave.

Upper Darby Pa.19082

Ph: 484-461-8714

Fax: 484-461-8715



 Art Agent and legal affairs:

John Robertson Jr. esq.

386 Montgomery Ave.

Wynnewood, Pa.

Ph: 215-561-1011

Fax: 215-561-0012





Please contact Marianne Suny for all scheduling and showing information. Plus all other inquires and the availability of prints and originals.

Thank You,and God Bless

Ph: 484-461-8714

Fax: 484-461-8715



 Information and brief history about the artist:

Ralph Suny is a Philadelphia Artist Known best for his work on gymnasium floors, his work has Graced the floors at Villanova University, Morgan State University, Wesley College, Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale) as well as numerous Elementary, Middle and High Schools through out the North Eastern portion of the United states. Not to mention all the private schools and colleges.   He recently decided to publish and share his private work, He has currently been working with writers and Musicians to aid them in original works of art to help signal their work out from the flood of others. Complimenting  their projects all the more with never before seen works of art, that are personal and definitive to their own works.

Ralph Suny Currently has no ties to any publishing  companies, and all his original works are free from any contractual agreements, in the future there will be a list of all work that falls under contract.

Ralph Suny is open if you wish to commission him for  work or have a desire to purchase or publish his works. 

If you have any legal questions or concerns please contact Ralph's Agent and legal Rep John Robertson at any method mentioned above.


Thank You,

Marianne Suny


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