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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art of Donato Giancola at FaerieDust Fantasy Art Gallery

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FaerieDust Fantasy Art Gallery 

Showcase of  Fantasy art , Fairy art, Gothic Art, CCG Art, RPG art, Mermaid 

Art, Dragon Art, Furry Art, Moster Art, Angel Art, Vampire art, Renaissance 

Fantasy Art, Art Nouveau, Enchanted Art and Goddess Art by World Famous and 

Emerging Fantasy, Enchanted, Fairy & Sci-Fi Artists from around the Real 

World and Fantasy Art Universe with Links to the Every Artists websites who 

create in such vareity of  mediums to include watercolor, digital, oil 

paint, Prisma colored pencil, pen & ink, Copic Markers, photography, 

polymer clay, air dry clay, paper mache & collage crafting 2d paintings as 

well as 3d Sculptures and dolls.

Donato Giancola

2005 Donato Giancola
2005 Donato Giancola
"Tristan and Isolde"
"The Serpent and The Rose"
2006 Donato Giancola
 2006 Donato Giancola
2006 Donato Giancola
2006 Donato Giancola
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