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Native American Links
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*** Kateri Tekakwitha - Lily of the Mohawks *** ****** *** Akwesasne International Powwow ***
*** St Regis Mohawk Tribe *** *** Bear's Den Trading Post *** *** Akwesasne Basketmakers ***
*** Akwesasne Jr. B Wolves Web Site *** *** Akwesasne Library & Cultural Center *** *** Akwesasne Mohawk Casino ***
*** Artwork by Kit Thomas *** *** 97.3FM - CKON Mohawk Nation Radio *** *** Kateri Tekakwitha Official Site ***
*** Mohawk Council of Akwesasne *** *** Learn Mohawk! ***
*** St Regis Mohawk Indian Nation-E.P.A. *** *** The Wampum Chronicles *** *** Mohawk Nation council of chiefs ***
*** Ronathahonni Cultural Center ***
*** St. Regis Mohawk Office for the Aging, 412 State Rt. 37, Hogansburg, NY 13655 *** (518) 358-2963
Located at: 29 Business Park Drive Akwesasne, NY 13655 (behind the Tribal Police Station)


*** Jake Thomas Learning Centre *** *** Constitution of the Iroquois Nations ***
*** Waneek Horn-Miller: Mohawk Olympic Athlete *** *** Iroquois False Face Masks *** *** *** *** Tuscaroras ***
*** Language & Songs from Six Nations *** *** U.S. Constitution-Influenced by the Great Law of Peace ***
*** Indian & Northern Affairs Canada *** *** History of the Iroquois *** *** Dating the Iroquois Confederacy/Bruce Johansen *** *** Kanienkehaka Mohawk Links-Kahnawake *** *** Onenyotehaka Oneida Links *** *** Onontakehaka Onondaga Links ***
*** Kayonkwehaka Cayuga Links *** *** Shotinontowane'hake Seneca Links ***
*** Taskarorahaka Tuscarora Links *** *** Seneca Nation *** *** Haudenosaunee Links via KaHonWes ***
*** Miketben-Kahnawake *** *** Oneida Nation Website *** *** The Peacemaker & The Return of Hayehwatha ***
*** Chiefs Of Ontario *** ***Crafts of Bobbi Deere-Kahnawake *** *** Joseph Brant *** *** Ohwejaheka:Hadegaenage ***

*** Akwesasne Library *** *** Akwesasne Cultural Center *** *** Six Nations Indian Museum *** *** Iroquois Museums ***
*** National Museum of the American Indian *** *** Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum ***
*** Chucalissa Choctaw Museum *** *** Sequoyah Birthplace Museum *** *** Iroquois Museum ***
*** Six Nations Indian Museum *** *** ArtNatAm Native American Artists ***

*** Native American Languages of the Americas *** *** Native Web *** *** Native American Posters & Art ***
*** 7th Generation Community Services Corp *** *** THE Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, Oklahoma ***
*** Cherokee, North Carolina *** *** Cherokee of Georgia *** *** 500 Nations ***
*** Prairie Band Potawatomie Nation *** *** North American Indian Material by Phil Konstantin ***
Gathering Of Nations, Columbia, SC
Indian Arts and Crafts Board of NY
Poeh Store Native American Resources
Native American Internet Media Resources
Native American History & Culture
Northern California Indian Development Council
Index of Native American sites on the Internet
Choctaw Flying Rat Toli Team
Seminole Tribe
Native American Support Group of NYC
Big City Indians
Natchez Tribe
MOZ Studios -Web Design for Native Businesses
Native American Indian Heritage Month
Potawatomi Tracks by Larry Mitchell
Chickahominy Tribe
Rappahannock Tribe
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

*** Two Nations Beadworks - Coeur Dí Alene & Nez Perce *** *** The Drum People *** *** Native American Posters & Art ***
*** Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry *** *** Coyotes Corner ***
*** Finger Woven Sashes by Hunting Hawk *** *** Wild Apache *** *** Coyotes Game *** *** The Native Trail *** *** Indigenous World Marketplace *** **** Tribe Azure - Navajo Jewelry Designer *** *** *** *** Stoneman Distributor ***
Phoenix Rising Gifts
American Indian Trading Co.
Tsila's Garden (Baskets & Jewelry)
Native Heritage Crafts
Great Trading Path
AZ Trading Post
Native American Traders
Native Furniture
A Gift Gallery
Cover Girls Navajo Afghans
Lou Ann's Native Gifts
Agawa Indian Crafts
Martha Berry Beadwork
Native Crafts Online
Native Beadwork-Cordell Whitetree
Stumbling Bear Trading Post
Native American Info & Trade Center
Hawk Quest
Indian Sun
WhiteBird Indian Jewelry
Auntie Moe's Trading Post
Bead N Pride (Seneca)
Great Trading Path
Diane's Native American Quilts
Deer With Horns
Spirit Vision Crafts
Native Heartbeat
Sacred Ground
CR's Southwestern Crafts & Gifts, Inc
Southwest & More
Eagle Rock Trading Post
Brierlys American Indian Jewelry
American Indian Jewelry
Indian Jewelry
Bearlanders Trading Company
Cherokee Art, Texas
Turtle Island Trading Company
Southwest Cards
Just Native
All Native People Trading Post
Southwest Cards
Dream of Wolf
Zuni Coyote Jewelry & Beadwork
Dial Trading Co. (Lumbee, NC)
Triple D Ranch
Wanuken-traditional arts
Native *** Pueblo Direct Wholesale ***
*** Tu Spirits LLC ***

*** Gary Farmer *** *** Mohawk Flute *** *** ***
*** Last Of The Mohicans *** *** Four Directions Entertainment Inc *** *** Wes Studi - Cherokee ***
*** Charles Littleleaf-Musician *** *** Howard Lyons - Native Music *** *** Middle Rider Drums *** *** YDI Nation Singers *** *** Arbor Records Ltd *** *** Canyon Records *** *** Joanne Shenandoah *** *** Native American Music Awards ***
*** August Schellenberg *** *** Sean Weimah ***
*** The Terrorist Hunter Band - Lumbee ***
*** North Star Studio USA - Talent Agency ***
*** Alex Kawisenhawe Rice - Mohawk ***
*** Irene Bedard - Inupiat Eskimo & Cree ***
*** Songs in Mohawk & English by Jonathan Maracle & Broken Walls ***

*** Oglala Lakota College-Kyle, South Dakota *** *** Blue Quills College-Edmonton, Alberta ***
*** United Indian Nations Tribal College-Spokane, Washington *** *** Southwestern Indian Poytechnic Institute-Albequerque, New Mexico ***

The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990
The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-644) is a truth-in-advertising law that prohibits misrepresentation in marketing of Indian arts and crafts products within the United States. It is illegal to offer or display for sale, or sell any art or craft product in a manner that falsely suggests it is Indian produced, an Indian product, or the product of a particular Indian or Indian Tribe or Indian arts and crafts organization, resident within the United States. For a first time violation of the Act, an individual can face civil or criminal penalties up to a $250,000 fine or a 5-year prison term, or both. If a business violates the Act, it can face civil penalties or can be prosecuted and fined up to $1,000,000. Under the Act, an Indian is defined as a member of any federally or State recognized Indian Tribe, or an individual certified as an Indian artisan by an Indian Tribe. The law covers all Indian and Indian-style traditional and contemporary arts and crafts produced after 1935. The Act broadly applies to the marketing of arts and crafts by any person in the United States. Some traditional items frequently copied by non-Indians include Indian-style jewelry, pottery, baskets, carved stone fetishes, woven rugs, kachina dolls, and clothing.
All products must be marketed truthfully regarding the Indian heritage and tribal affiliation of the producers, so as not to mislead the consumer. It is illegal to market an art or craft item using the name of a tribe if a member, or certified Indian artisan, of that tribe did not actually create the art or craft item. For example, products sold using a sign claiming "Indian Jewelry" would be a violation of the Indian Arts and Crafts Act if the jewelry was produced by someone other than a member, or certified Indian artisan, of an Indian tribe. Products advertised as "Hopi Jewelry" would be in violation of the Act if they were produced by someone who is not a member, or certified Indian artisan, of the Hopi tribe.