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I opened up the door in my mind.

Guess what I saw,when I opened that door?

I saw wind,I saw rain,I saw life that I adore.

Movement and rustling birds everywhere.

A beautful site all because I dared.

To open my mind and explore what I felt.

I did not rush, I did not hurry.

This was way to special for me to worry.

People we're rushing and hurring oh so fast.

Their doors were all closed they were stuck in the past.

They stared at me.

Like I was missing out on something.

But my door was open.

It realy felt good.

To see it,and taste it.

If only I could.

Paint a picture,that the rest of the world could see.

That's why I opened my door.

But I guess it was just for me.


What's with this fear?

The Russians's are going to blow us up?

What's with this fear?

The terrorist are here?

What's with this fear?

Is it just an excuse

To throw billions away?

Is it just another day?

What's happened to the people of this country?

Where did we go wrong?

What's with the fear?

That's why I'm reciting along.

What's with the fear?

That the end is near.

What's with this fear?

We need a good leader that's positive.

We need a good leader that want's to give.

Back to the people that's where it all starts.

That's where it all come's from.

Yes we need a good leader

We could sure use someone.

Someone that has the faith of our lord deep inside.

Someone that understands also knows how to guide.

Don't try to rule the world.

It's not your's to rule.

The worlds children will think your a fool.

What's with this fear?

Well were beginning to listen.

Were beginning to get wise.

What's with this fear?

Were starting to summarize.

What's happened to our country?

There has been plenty of lies.

What's with this fear?

Just look in our eyes.

And now it's time to wise up and say.

We have all had enough of this fear today.

What's with this fear anyway?

Just get along and you will see.

The world will be happily.

In harmony spirit and soul.

What's with this fear it's time to go?

Were now in the year 2003.

What's with this fear?

It's up to you and it's up to me.

So change a governor a senator or two.

And let the fear follow them.

That's what we should do.


The clouds are all gone.

The sun won't shine.

The rains dried up.

Please open your heart,and be a part.

Do something new before your through.

Make a change,save a live.

It might be your's.

It might be your wife's.

You know what's right.

You know what's wrong.

Let's get it together

All sing the same song.

One of happiness and joy.We might not have much longer.To treat this world as a toy.

It's wearing out faster and faster We can not continue to treat it like we are the master.

So stand up and sing,loud and clear.

Sing for the future is here.


There is a place,one of many.

Contaminated to the bone.

Called our home.

Why would we trash it out so bad?

This place called home,it's all we had.

Cancer and sickness are killing us! To the point of disgust.

Waters are polluted,air and land.

We need to stand up and give it a hand.

What about our children's,children?

What will we leave?

Tons of contaminated waste.

For them to retrieve.

Why do we punish the earth's keepers?

What is the plan for the earth's consequences man?

Let her speak.

Let him be heard.

Why do we call them nerd?

We need more environmentalists.

Are they really that bad?

For wanting to change the way we had.

Treated this place,we called home. Were killing our people.

Soon it will be all alone.

The Game of Life

Here is my poem.

I fill so alone.

My Father is gone.

My Mother is gone.

My Brother is gone.

My mind is gone.

I fill so sad.

My mind keeps a turning. Just like a wheel.Like it's running down a hill.

They give me a pill

But I fill just the same.

I'm tired of this game.

When will I rest when will I sleep?

I need to know way down deep.

So they give me another pill

To make it up the hill.

I wish for a flat road.

So I can cruse.

If I don't find it.

I'm afraid I might lose

The game of live.


Don't be afraid to get out of that rut.If you need a higher power to move your but.

He's there to be had,in his eyes no one is bad.

You have to commit,be honest and true,he love's me and he love's you.

His name is Jesus Christ all mighty theirs nothing he can't do.

He helped your mother and he will help you.

Confess your sins, turn over your life. Be a good Christian and tell your wife,how much you love her.

Take nothing for granted because everything comes to a end here on earth.

Teach your children, sons and daughters from their birth,to be a good Christian.

The lessons are not hard it's easy to do.

Just open your heart,Christ will show you.

He will help you and hold you he will always be there.

There is no one quit like him anywhere.

If you would like to add some poetry please email them to me.

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