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New Art Added 08/16/2009

Interiors 10/06/2009

Zbrush Work - Updated 05/13/2009

Jedi Knights TCG Work - 2000-2001

This image is something that I recently completed for a Star Wars fanfilm, which is what several of the images contained on this page were for.

These 2 images are the bridge for an Imperial Cruiser for the aforementioned fanfilm.

I did this originally for a game mod that I was supposed to help with, however the mod never got off the ground so I donated it to the fanfilm.

This throne is based on some concept sketches in the ART of Star Wars: Episode II.

I've always been a Batman fan and wanted to do my own futuristic Batmobile.

Another submission for the fanfilm.

This was an attempt at creating a human head without the use of references, doing it in a Cel Shader was just something I wanted to mess with.

This is a tank concept that I started working on for a gaming group that I'm in. Some friends and I were planning on doing our own little Tribes(PC Game) fanfilm.

This is based on a concept sketch that was developed for a scifi TV show, Tripping The Rift. This however was done years before the TV got off the ground and was just done as a fan of the license at the time.

The Chrome Chick was actually a cloth study, I was attempting to achieve dramatic cloth simulation instead of realistic cloth simulation. The female model is a Poser and not modeled by me.

This is a meditation room that I designed for the Star Wars fanfilm. A hologram is emitted from the circular thing. That Darth Maul model is not mine, I DL'd it from Scifi3D and he's just there as a scaling reference for the compositors.

This is an engine that I was attempting to complete based on a reference I found in an LGB Model Train catalog.

I did this based on a Ralph McQuarrie concept sketch from the Art of Star Wars: A New Hope. This is also for the SW Fanfilm.

I've always been a fan of the RPG Shadowrun, however, I've never played it. I just like the concept of the game.

This is a Shadowrun Troll, which after completing, spurred my interest further which is what inspired me to do the above image.

I originally designed this version of a futuristic Xwing back when SW: SE was first released in theatres last decade. After learning how to effectively model organic shapes, I decided to take the sketch and develop a 3d model. Unfinished as yet.

This was going in my futuristic Gotham City.

Senator's Quarters

Also for Gotham City.

This is a ship I recently modeled for my demo reel, going for an Anime look. It's an O.R.C.A., Offensive Ranged Command Artillery; or L.R.A.F., Long Range Artillery Fighter...