About D L

..............At the beginning of his career in the arts he exercised mainly figurative painting. But he could not leave the natural sciences aside. In 1986 Dan tried to mix signals and other physical phenomena into his art work. His background in Electronics, Telecommunication, Physics and signal processing methods began to show on his canvas. He noticed the aesthetic values hidden within the abstract appearance of mathematical equations, graph theories and engineering analysis methods. Some of his artistic works reflect his "other world" - Physics, mathematics, Engineering. Following a major operation in 1991, the artist stayed at his home for a few months. His studio was rented temporarily, and he moved his easels, paints, brushes and other materials to a relatively spacious place near his flat and between moments of rest, developed his "Windows" style. This style was strongly influenced by the then newly arrived computer operating systems. The image on the canvas is no longer a description of a single scene but can be a combination of few "sub images", editing tools, reminders, control tools and many other two dimensional variations, restricted only by the canvas size. The artist was attracted to the new generation of software visualization and the result is expressed by the paintings in the Windows folder. Few paintings were painted already in 1989. But the majority is from 1991 on. One folder in this web site is allocated to art works influenced by his long experience in science and engineering: "Art meets Science". The world of miniature microelectronic wafers and chips can be closely observed through high magnification microscopes (either optical or electron). Microelectronic wafers (cut to many chips) are usually made of silicon. Inspecting these components reveals a new world of patterns, shapes and colours. Some of the works in this folder have been created during the late 80's but the majority was created later. From 1993 to 1995, Dan was involved in R&D activities inside a microelectronics institute and laboratories. This experience was an inspiration to most of the paintings displayed in this folder. Digital Signal processing, Adaptive signal processing, Spectral analysis, Fast Fourier Transform, Cepstrum, and many other words related to the field of D.S.P. all are buzz words for some but obvious for those who study and research digital signal processing. The artist is involved in this field and was always fascinated by the aesthetic shapes and forms that mathematical tools and measurement instruments have given to our world. Finally, the etudes folders, cover a very small part of a huge archive of drawings made in the last 25 years. ..

In 2003 Dan moved to a new and much more spacious studio next to his home on Mount Carmel.


A short CV


Selected Solo exhibitions: 1976- Na'amat house, 1993- Marc Chagall Artists' house 2001- The Okashi Gallery, Acre. 2015- Chagall Artists' house

A member of the Israeli painters and sculptors association. (since 1986)

1994-1999, Chief curator of the Israeli National Museum of Design, Science, Technology.

B.Sc and M.Sc from IIT (The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology: 1966, 1976). Ph.D from UCL- London University (1982) :

Art fields of study: Gat (1955-1957), Drawing. Okashi (1958-1959) painting, Yaskil (1958-1960) drawing, Meirowitzch (1958-1960) painting, Pazner (1970-1972) drawing, Ilivitsky (1972-1974) Painting Zeltser (1974-1976) drawing, Gittit (1976-1979) painting, Peranio (1975-1978) Etching, Kastein (1978-1979) Etching, During studies toward doctorate degree at UCL- London University (1979-1982) attended art courses at MWC,CSA and The Slade. During a sabbatical leave at Stanford University (1993)-PAC (Pacific Art Centre).