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Hi there!

I'm glad you stopped by...I have no idea how you found this place, unless I told you about it. Well, I'd just like to let you know I just don't have the time and energy to be updating this site and improving it. It's pretty lame anyway, ne? However, I do hope to one day put up a really cool website. If you wish to keep up with my comings and goings on the net anyway, I've moved over to DeviantArt. It's much easier to upload my art there. Also, you can visit my Live Journal. My My old Art Gallery is still up where it's always been, I just haven't updated it in a long time. There are some things there that aren't on my deviantart gallery, though. So that's about it for now. TTFN!

My Old Art Gallery

My DeviantArt Gallery

My Live Journal

You also might be interested in my Android Kikaider the Animation Screencap Gallery.

Usopp thanks you for your patronage!