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My Constructed Language, Maltae

This is an attempt at creating a language. Although it is not my first attempt, I am trying to make it my most complete. Check out the Lexicon as well! hope I can get some feedback about it Feedback. Thanks


I'll start by telling you the sounds of the language.


I may update this to a chart in a little bit when I feel like it.
Consonants, as pronounced in English, or as directed
b, p, t, d, k, g, f, v, th(unvoiced th, as in thatcher), dh (voiced th, as in the), w, y, m, n, ng, l, r.
Vowels as pronounced in Maltae
a-ah as in father, e- ih as in him, i-ee as in bee, o- oh as in go, u-oo as in moo
ae-as in ate, ai- as in bye, ao-as in cow
Stress lightly the penultimate syllable
Syllable Structure


Nominal morphology, cases are determined by the affix attached to end of the noun
Noun Declensions of Nouns Ending in Vowels
Case Singular Plural Singular Example, gai, cat
Subject -n -na gain The cat eats
Direct Object -l -la gail I ate the cat
Indirect Object -th -tha gaith I wrote a letter to the cat
Prep. Phrase Object -d -da gaid It is there, near the cat
Noun Declensions of Nouns Ending in Consonants
Case Singular Plural Plural Example, kel, star
Subject -a -av kelav The Stars twinkle
Direct Object -i -it kelit I saw the stars
Indirect Object -e -eng keleng I spoke to her about the stars
Prep. Phrase Object -o -odh kelodh The moon is in the sky with the stars
Verbal Morphology, verbs are conjugated by aspect, mood and tense, with the subject after the verb, using an agluttinative process where the order is Verb-aspect marker-mood marker-tense marker-(optional Passive Voice marker) subject pronoun or just subject.
Aspect Markers
Aspect Marker
Beginning -k-
Perfect -t-
Progressive -l-
Imperfect -p-
Mood Markers
Mood Marker
Indicative -ae-
Subjunctive -o-
Negative -e-
Conditional -i-
Potentive -u-
Imperative -a-
Tense Markers
Tense Marker
Present -n
Past -m
Future -s
The optional Passive voice marker is -a and is attatched after the tense marker. The subject pronouns are arranged in a chart:
Person Singular Plural
First a ate
Second ke kesa
Third Masculine, also inanimate mao maon
Third Feminine go gon
A sample conjugation of the verb, kelaet, to shine, in the singular present, indicative, imperfect. kelaetpaen a, I shine, kelaetpaen ke, you shine,kelaetpaen mao, he/it shines,kelaetpaen go, she shines.