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my all time fav. character(yay!) and the main female character of cowboy bebop, faye is really good at gambling, especially with poker or blackjack is involved.. cus she cheats, she cheats at everything she can . because of this, faye has an enormous debt to pay. she joined the bebop crew and they became comrades, although spike and jet didnt want her in it. she terrorizes the dog ein, handcuffing it to the railings and eating its food. she really doesnt want to be alone, even though she acts like it, like leaving the bebop, but then she comes back. she shows it throughout the whole series. her fighting ability and use of guns is almost as good as spikes, very accurate with her 45 automatic. faye was cryogenically frozen for 54 years when she was 20, so that makes her 77.


faye's personal ship, the redtail is very fast and manuverable and she is very good at piloting it. its similar to fighter ships used by the military. the redtails main weapons are the 2 missile cannons. faye can call the ship from her bracelet.