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Blue Knight Productions

Welcome to Blue Knight Productions. We are a small time local Movie Business that takes kids who want to act and shows them what it is like. We film home movies, documentaries, and we make slideshows through MSPowerpoint. We hope you enjoy our products and enjoy this site Stay tuned for more News. NEWS- March 9, 2004 We have begun the creation of The new slideshow "Rembrandt van Rijn, SUPERSTAR!" A slideshow based on the life of Rembrandt van Rijn, A painterfrom the Renaissance period. March 10,2004 Official Launch of the BKP website Please keep your eye on this site, it will be growing and adding extensions shortly. If you are interested in the purchase of any BKP videos or slideshow disks, please send your e-mail to the adress below and request a product. The price will be in return sent to you along with information on the product.
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Jeff Corp (Currently Inactive)
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