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My 86 Buick Century GS

These cars were made for a 1/2 year period and are techniclly a 86 1/2'. There were about 1200 made. They have a N/A SEFI 3.8L mated to a 440-T4 transaxle. They were meant to be a perfomance oriented front wheel drive, However it resembled The GN to much and could not live up to its big brother. Yet still they are very nice cars.


Original Options

Interior Mods

  • cut rear century wagon springs
  • 86 Century GS
  • restored headliner
  • 90's upper motor mount
  • 3.8 L SFI engine
  • blaupunct front speakers
  • new tranny mounts
  • 440-T4
  • infinity rear 6x9 speakers
  • new K frame mounts
  • digital dash
  • Cadillac speaker boxes
  • Turbo pistons
  • power drivers seat
  • Turbo rings
  • remote drivers side mirror
  • Clevite bearings
  • passenger side mirror
  • new C/V shafts
  • Am-FM cass. w/EQ
  • Astro roof
  • Gray&Black int. W/power 6
  • delay wipers
  • spoiler & Ground effects
  • owners manual intact
  • technical
  • back