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Welcome to Bare Feet, I'm Heather the web mistress. This is the home to many beautiful dolls that hate to wear shoes. Feel free to make yourself at home. Take off your shoes and drop them in the box behind you. Relax and stay awhile. Don't forget to sign the guest book.

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This doll stands here to welcome everyone who for what ever reason cant be who they really are. Whether its family, friends, job, or society that limits you remember you are who you are no matter what anyone thinks. Love always Heather

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Feel Free to Email me and ask for a name tag of any doll or I will make one custom.













Well my husband has a little girl. She's in foster care. She was taken from her mom at birth. Our first custody hearing is the 25th. 

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I got married 3/28/05 GO ME!!




Introducing my new family series



 This doll is my friend Courty!!