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I am Living Breathing Proof
Beating Cancer might be Possible

This page will change as time goes on
because I am determined to document the entire story
of my encounter with my Urothelial cancer / Cancer of the Ureter

I want to let those stricken know that miracles could happen
and not to give up


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Now the details of my family's battle with
my Urothelial cancer / Cancer of the Ureter

This page presents the story of our journey
down the road to being cancer free

During the 19 months since my diagnosis
I had 12 CT scans - three Pet scans - 4 cystoscopies
- two biopsies - over 50 blood tests - and 25 urine tests

I am cancer Free as shown by a CTA
assisted biopsy done SEPT 24th 2019

I believe I had more spiritual help and another mystical connection
made by the hand of GOD in nature
which provided me protection and GOD's Blessings

Read about it HERE


On August 13th 2019 me and my wife Jackie went
to see my Urologist who handled my cancer
for my 5 month post tumor removal visit
and Dr E took a urine sample and said he detected blood again
and ordered a PSA blood test, ( a prostate test ) -
he also scheduled another CTA scan for Aug 16th
(in my opinion this should have been a PETscan)
and a cystoscopy for Aug 26th to check my bladder

On Aug 19th 3 days after the CTA scan his office called
and informed us the Dr now wanted a PetScan done Aug 22nd 2019
- with no further explanation

I called Dr E back the same day
trying to find out why he wanted the PETscan
and was told they do not give out results over the phone
But we could get the info from the Dr when
my 2nd cystoscopy was done on Aug 26th - 7 days after
I found out about the need for the PETscan

It was hard being kept in the dark
about what the CTA scan had shown
to move the Dr to order a PETscan

I wonder how the Dr would feel if he had to wait 7 days
to be told he had failed a test in med school

The Radiology facility called me on the 20th and told me
they had to cancel the PETscan because
the Urologists office mistakenly scheduled it
without clearance from my insurance
and the radiology people rescheduled it for Aug 30th

Immediately after the cystoscopy I was told my bladder looked fine
then I asked him why he wanted the PETScan
and over a week after he had the results from the Aug 16th CTA scan
he finally revealed the CTA showed something which
"Didn't look right"
and "needs a closer look"
he added it might just be scarring
from where he removed my ureter and kidney
but wants to see if it "LIGHTS UP" in a PETscan
I inquired as to what he meant
and he said "We may have missed some of the tumor"

We had another follow up visit Sept 3rd for the PETscan results
during which he told us there is "something there"
and "IF it is cancerous I will just treat it with chemo"

On Sept 3rd 2019 we were told his office would schedule a CT assisted biopsy
On Sept 20th we finally got
the date for the biopsy - Sept 24th
- a full 3 WEEKS after the PETscan results were revealed to us - WTF

We got the biopsy results quickly on Friday Sept 27th
but not from the Dr - Me and my wife drove to the hospital and
went to the records dept and got them

I had called the hospital on Friday the 27th and asked if they were ready
they said they were and they had faxed
the report to the Dr the day before - on Thursday the 26th
I called the Urologists office manager and asked why they had not called us
with the result and was told they did not have them
and the hospital had not sent them
I checked the report and saw the
fax time stamp ( Thurs. Sept 26 2019 15:37 p.m. )
when I told the office manager the hospital
had sent them 24 hours earlier
she said she would check but never got back to us

The Sept 24th biopsy said "No Malignancy Present" but
Had we not gone and retrieved the report
we would not have known the RESULTS
As of Oct 15th the Dr still has not called me to give me the results

Why was there such long periods of waiting for schefiling tests
and to be given the results ?
I know they have they had them - I KNOW it

I know CT, PETscans, blood test and most biopsies
come back in 2 to 3 days

AND Why he didn't just order the $250.00 copay PETscan first
really pisses me off - the CTA $200.00 copay was wasted

Needless to say I am upset

I have requested my primary care doctor to initiate a
change of urologists
to get one who might be more diligent

This urologist is the Dr whose nurse did not take
my blood pressure or weigh me yet entered
fabricated numbers into my record during a visit on May 1st
more on that event near the bottom of this page

I did report the incident to my
insurance company in early June and they are looking into it
could it be the delays and extra tests
are the Dr's staff way of playing payback for my reporting it

So I am considering reporting the nurse to Medicare
because falsifying patient records is a Federal offense

Now the rest of Our story

I am 72 years old, 6'6" and was fairly healthy
until the mid June of 2018
I lived on Cape Coral Florida
I moved there from Cleveland / Parma Ohio in 1998
on June 22ndI moved to New Port Richey FLORIDA


In EARLY Jan 2019 after URINE, blood tests, a CT scan and a cystoscopic biopsy of my ureter
I was diagnosed with an uncommon strain of cancer
= Urothelial cancer NOT Uterer cancer
To complicate my treatment even more at the same time
it was found I had a 2.08 inch ( 5.3 cm ) Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm

I will describe the setbacks encountered during my fight
including how the Drs dealt with the aneurysm

The Signs and symptoms of Ureteral cancer include:
Blood / Discoloration in Urine
Lower Back Pain
Frequent and Uncontrolled Urination
Pain When Urinating
Losing Weight Without Trying

The Ureter is a tube which connects the kidneys to the bladder

It's not clear what caused my Ureteral cancer.

my Doctors know URETER cancer begins when cells found
on the inside lining of the ureter mutate
The mutation tells the cells to multiply rapidly and
to continue living when normal cells would die.
The result is a growing tumor which will
block the ureter thus preventing the kidney from draining
which causes the kidney to expand tremendously
and the cells spread ( metastasize ) to other areas of the body.

Bookmark this page and
come back for the latest developments

Please feel free to email me
your story - and I may build a page for you
you can share with the world

Once again this page chronicles my victorious battle with ureter cancer

I truly believe in Miracles and I want to thank
GOD Almighty - My Savior Jesus Christ
and ALL other Higher Powers
who answered the Prayers said by my 5000 Face Book friends
3000 Twitter followers
AND ESPECIALLY the 10,000 members of my Prayer Group

You can join my Prayer Group

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for a divine intervention for any need
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Years ago I formed my interactive online Prayer Group
not knowing I would again someday be requesting a miracle for myself
the 10,000 members pray as one for each other
and I believe the prayers said by fellow members
helped me overcome ureter / kidney cancer
because I was granted a miracle and I did not require chemo


Now the details about how we overcame this killer

No one ever wants To hear the phrase "You have cancer"
Me and my wife were shocked when it happened to me

It took me many days to realize the implications

We spent hours upon hours online researching every word

The symptoms started in late June 2018 s
until after the first cystoscope biopsy of my tumor
came back -- it was a malignant tumor

My left kidney and ureter needed to be removed

Including the 2 days for the Aneurysm operation March 6th and 7th 2019
I spent a total of 41 days in the hospital in March April and May
including 11 days in a skilled nursing home rehabbing

My cancer went undetected for OVER 5 months

My story time line is a bit disconnected because
there was a delay diagnosing the cancer
I changed Primary Care Doctors in June 2018 and again in Dec 2018

The Dr I had from June 2018 to Dec 2018
did nothing to detect the cause of the symptoms
I presented him and he ignored them

Next is my first video
to play it just tap the Center of the image below


My battle actually beganOn June 15th 2018
when I saw my then Primary care doctor
I weighed 226 pounds at 6 foot 6 inches
the visit was uneventful - my blood test almost normal
but my glucose reading was 133
I have diabetes and he was not concerned
my creatinine was 1.31 ( less than 1.20 is acceptable )
a high creatinine reading above 1.3 over 3 to 4 months
indicates the onset liver / kidney problems
so he said we would keep an eye on that reading in the future
and we discussed the possibility of my having my right hip replaced
I was told I had to wait another 6 month for the hip
since I had a stent implant in Feb 2018
and I needed to stay on blood thinners for a full year

My doctor informed me that he doubted
any bone doctor would perform a replacement under those conditions
So I resigned myself to going for 6 more months
putting up with pain and limited mobility my hip was causing

I then had a very traumatic episode and I decided to move
and did so on June 22nd 2018
as noted I moved to New Port Richey Florida - 170 miles away

To cut to the quick I had to change primary care doctors
and made an appointment for July 25th with my new MD

Since I had blood work for my June 15th 2018 PCP visit
my new Dr said another blood test so close to the June test
would not be necessary

On the day of my July appointment with the new MD I weighed 210 pounds _
I had lost 16 pounds in a month - with little change in eating habits -
Fact: I was eating more than I had before June 22nd

During the interim from June to July 25th
I started to see what looked like blood in my urine
I was experiencing lower back pain
and an occasional feeling of a pulsating in my abdomen
I also told the new Dr I was very fatigued and was napping
far more than I had ever done
I Was urinating more frequently with some pain
and having trouble holding in my urine
the back pain was not unusual
AS I had a spinal cord injury in 1987 and never fully recovered

The doctor told me the discoloration in my urine was not blood but
most likely from the blood thinners interacting with my other meds
The weight loss from the stress of the move
and the back pain and fatigue
could have been caused by exertion during the move
the urine / bladder problems were from age

In July I began seeing discoloration in my pee more frequently

above is a pic of my urine around mid JULY
it was shown to my new PCP

He did not seem concerned but asked me
to have a blood test and return on Sept 13th

I then weighed 205 pounds - I had lost another 5 pounds
and at the Sept appointment he said
my blood test again showed nothing abnormal ( no blood in my urine )
and I pointed out my creatinine reading
had now elevated after 3 months to 1.36 and
my glucose was at 127 - but again the glucose was not unusual

The Dr again assured me the higher creatinine was also
probably from interactions with my other meds

He also did not detect the 5.3 cm ( 2.012 inch aneurysm )
I did have aneurysm symptoms in the form of a pulsating in the lower abdomen
which feels like a heartbeat
and the lower back pain
aneurysms are often only detected by Drs using stethoscopes
or through CT scans or MRIs
being performed for other problems

My interim PCP did not detect it


In Oct I moved back to my home on Cape Coral
and took the same PCP I had before the move in June
But On Dec 3rd 2018 after telling my primary care physician
I was still seeing discoloration in my urine more frequently
he gave me an in office dip urine test
it indicated blood in my urine

Remember 3 other lab urine and blood tests
(June 15th - Sept 10th and Nov 13th )
showed NO blood nor any other extreme anomalies
BUT I had been seeing the discoloration all along since June

I had ALL the other symptoms -
Low back pain - fatigue - muscle weakness - frequent and painful urination
I lost 16 pounds in a month = June 15 to July 25th

My PCP immediately ordered a FULL lab blood and urinalysis workup
and a CT scan for Dec 13th 2018

I believe he may have saved my life
by ordering those diagnostic tests

He also sent me to a Urologist for continued treatment
The following image gives the Quest Diagnostic Labs URINALYSIS test results from Jan 3rd 2019
which first indicated carcinoma ( cancer cells )

Now next is my first CT scan done Dec 13th

You can clearly discern the difference in size
between my normal right kidney and my enlarged left Kidney
which was caused by the uncommon tumor in my left ureter
blocking the urine from exiting my left kidney
The ureter tubes connect your kidneys to your bladder
each kidney has one

The Dec 13th CT scan also found
the 5.3 cm ( 2.2 inch ) abdominal intra-renal aortic aneurysm
The next image is the report regarding my first CT scan Dec 13th 2018

the aneurysm complicated my treatment for the cancer
and needed to be dealt with first
More on the aneurysm later on this page

This next reports is from a CT scan with Lasix done Jan 3rd
Its purpose was to measure the functionality of my kidneys
as you can see the left was almost non working at 3%

On Feb 8th I had the first cystoscopy biopsy performed
This procedure is standard for most types
of abdominal - kidney - bladder cancers

Your doctor will insert a small cystoscope tube
into your urethra ( YOUR PEE HOLE )
it has a tiny camera attached
Your doctor will examine your urethra, ureters, kidneys and bladder.
the camera has a lens which works like a telescope to magnify
the inner surfaces of those parts of your body

Your doctor might take tissue samples for lab biopsy testing
so a larger scope tube might be needed to take tissue samples
or pass tiny surgical tools into the bladder

For about 36 hours after the procedure you will have to urinate frequently
while passing blood

in my case it felt like I was peeing fish hooks

Below is the image TAKEN DURING a cystoscopy done on me Feb 8th 2019
The tumor blocking my ureter is clearly discerned

Here is the report / results from the cystoscopy
It was confirmed - Malignant Cancer of the URETER

Next is an image from a PET scan done on Feb 20th 2019
during a PET SCAN radioactive liquid is injected
and will show any areas where cancer is located
or if the cancer has Metastasized OR SPREAD

The next image is the Report of The PET SCAN
I was informed the cancer has NOT spread


NOW ABOUT the aneurysm

The 5.3 cm ( 2.2 inch ) aneurysm was detected Dec 13th in a CT scan
which was done to diagnose my blood in urine problem

I have since had two other CT SCANS for the aneurysm
An aneurysm is the bulging of an artery
if an aortic aneurysm ruptures it is almost always fatal

My Vascualr Surgeon and Urologist decided the aneurysm would be addressed first
and after a week delay in getting clearance from my cardiologist
and his ok to stop taking the blood thinner Plavix
Weds March 6th was the day The "triple A" ( Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ) was done
and I now present the outcome

The medical term is an Endovascular Stent
the difference between a cadiovascular stent
and an aortic stent is the size of the stent
my AAA stent is 30 times bigger that any one of my 6 heart stents

A 5.3 an aneurysm is at the limits of a major aneurysm
one that must be treated with invasive open surgery
it was determined mine qualified for the less invasive stent
which is done like a heart cath
where they enter your body through one small incision in your groin
and use a catheter to place the stent

It appears there was a problem with mine
since there are two large and two smaller incisions for the catheters

I was told beforehand it may be necessary to
do extra cuts to make sure the stent is set correctly
and the vascual surgeon verified that was necessary
but I have not had the chance to ask why

In placing the stent the blood flow to my left kidney and ureter was stopped
because that would cause the kidney and ureter to shrink
and make removal of the kidney/ ureter easier and safer

The AAA opreration completed sucessfully It was then decided
that the removal of the kidney/ureter could be done in 2 weeks
and March 22nd was set for that event


On MARCH 18TH I went to see the vascular surgeon for a follow up to the AAA operation
at that visit my Blood Presure was 88/49
and the Dr told me to go to the ER immediately
they did some tests and took a standing xray during which I passed out
with the surgery for the removal of the kidney and ureter 4 days away
it was decided to admit me and keep me under observation
before the removal of the tumor took place
but nothing was done regarding the BP
no one ever took readings while I was standing

Two more ct scans were done during the next three days before the kidney operation
It was decided I was stable enough
to proceed with the kidney/ureter/tumor removal
and on March 22 that operation was also a success
They gave me 2 units of blood

Again The follow up biopsy of the tumor was great news
- it was low grade and would not require chemo therapy
I was told I had beaten the cancer

I was kept in the hospital until March 29st then transferred to a Skilled Nursing Home for rehab and
I will detail that stay later

I was discharged from the Nursing home on April 9th
So from March 18th until April 9th - a total of 22 days I was in a facility

Then things fell apart
On April 11 I had a follow up with the urologist
who did the March 22 tumor operation
when I arrived and got out of the car I became very dizzy and lightheaded
I needed assistance to get to a seat in the waiting room
the staff was very attentive and got me into an exam room immediately
a nurse came in and while she was preparing to get my vitals
I suddenly had double vision sweating and became agitated

The office called an ambulance and that visit ended
no vitals were taken and there was no contact
with the Doctor re the operation

I was taken to the hospital and admitted again
for another 11 days until Apr 22nd

My blood pressure was extremely erratic while standing - sitting and laying
the standing numbers were always well below normal - laying were always dangerously high and sitting fluctuated

I had 2 more CTA head and neck scans immediately
which showed minimal blockages in my cartoid arteries
so that was not seen as the cause of the blood pressure problem

and another CTA scan done on 04/14 of my abdomen to check the condition of the surgical areas
the report just showed a bit of fluid and nothing more

I was immediately assigned a neurologist and
he made the connection between the March 18th event
of low blood pressure and passing out
and the April 11th event

He ordered the nurses to start taking my BP
laying down / sitting AND standing and they found huge differences

My laying down and sitting readings were higher than normal
( averaging 185/55 laying and 160/47 sitting and heart rate around 65 - 80 )
but my standing readings were dangerously low
one as low as 62/40 with a 102 heart rate
ALL other standing readings consistently near 70/56 with heart rate over 100

A Neurologist identified the anomaly as Autonomic Neuropathy / Autonomic Dysfunction

He started me on new meds and
sent a blood sample to the Mayo clinic with hopes they could
give more insight into the malady

From the beginning The neurologist and hospital doctor
had disagreements about my meds
the hospital doctor finally agree to cut some
the Drs egos were getting in the way of my health

The drs decided they could do no more and
I was sent home April 22nd with no prognosis regarding the BP

I had been in the hospital
33 out of the last 35 days

The results of the Mayo clinic came back May 3rd
and were shown to me - they said there was a
possibility the cancer was still there
So another CT A scan was done with contrast
It showed no cancer and said they could not find
any cause of the Autonomic Dysfunction

As of May 23 rd my BP was still erratic but had leveled off a bit
I was taking it 3 to 4 times a day sitting, standing and laying

The doctors still had no idea what caused my BP to be so unstable

So that was where I was - hoping for them
to find the Golden Egg and get me back to some semblance of normalcy

In the morning on May 23rd I stood up and was walking to the bathroom
and I became dizzy - I took my BP - it was 199/80
so it was off to the hospital again -
they admitted me for another 4 days
and still could find a cause and discharged me

One more thing - Neither the vascular surgeon who did the aneurysm on March 6th
nor the urologist who did the tumor removal March 22
were in to see me during this stay

I will now be documenting some of the events during my ordeal
which show the competency or lack thereof of the hospital and Doctors and their staffs
there are many and I feel it my duty to expose them


Here is one of the most baffling

The urologist who removed my left kidney
and my left ureter where the tumor was located practices on Cape Coral FL
I was treated at Cape Coral Hospital

I visited him Wednesday May 1st for the follow up interrupted
by the blood pressure incident on April 11th

His nurse did NOT take my vitals -- blood pressure or weight

A few minutes after I got home I received an email from them
which contained my visit report -
It had my BP as 112/65 sitting and my weight as 224 -
my weight on April 27th - 3 days before at a PCP visit WAS 207 my BP sitting was 154/67
I did weigh 226 before the Kidney ureter
and tumor were removed on March 22nd
my BP sitting up had consistently been around 155/70
since the April 11th event

My BP SITTING has never even been close 112/65 - EVER

I immediately called the office and wanted to know
HOW my BP and weight COULD BE LISTED
in my visit report if she did NOT take it

I was told by the office manager - it was a mistake - and the nurse was busy at the time
( there was one other patient in the waiting room
when I arrived at the office at 8:00 a.m. )
and where did the nurse come up with the numbers
the 224 matched a pre removal of my kidney and ureter weight
but the BP was nowhere near any previous readings
Sho obviously made it up so it appeared
she had taken it

I have called many times and asked that the Dr call me
so I could talk with him personally to see if he knew
this type of thing was happening in his office -
but he never returned my calls -
Now I am waiting for an answer from Florida Board Health and Medicare


Here is another occurrence which in my opinion deserves to be exposed
On May 23rd the first night of my most recent hospital stay
a nurses assistant came in to take my blood pressure
I asked her to take it standing up as well as sitting
and she said she could not because it as not in the orders
I asked to speak with my real nurse and he came in
and refused to take it standing too
I then asked to speak to the floor supervisor nurse
and the nurse got irate told me there was no need for me to speak to her
I asked again and he refused again
and told me "it was not in the orders" and for me to "cool it"
I then demanded he call the supervisor and he told me "shut up"
I was shocked and my response was
"You have no right to talk to me like that"

He left the room and came back later
He tried to cover up his actions
By telling me he was just looking out for me
and I was in the best hands I could be
so I tried to remain calm and play his game
until I could speak to someone I could file a complaint with
that night I asked for some pain med and he said
all I was allowed was Tylenol
The nurse on the next shift told me my orders
said oxycodone had been listed as one of my meds

So I added that to the complaint

I waited until the day I was discharged to make the complaint
not wanting to take the chance the offending nurse
would be assigned to me again

The woman I gave the details to said
she would see to it the confrontation would be investigated
But I never was contacted again
so much for quality control !!

I will add more of these events soon
So bookmark this page to get an insight into what can happen to you

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I don't like to beg for help
but sometimes you can't avoid asking

I guess I never thought I'd be in this situation
and the all around stress it now puts on me is taking it's toll
I hope no one ever has to hear the words "You have cancer"
It is like getting hit with a sledge hammer
Maybe reading this page will give hope to some who have
that beating cancer is possible

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who has been through it

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