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This is Dedicated To The Apricot!
Hey, it tastes good, is beautiful, and has a nice flower!
Well, here are the rules.

  • Save the ones you want to adopt.
  • Fill out the Form.
  • Put it on your page.
  • Your page can have almost anything, just NO Porn, Hate, or Blackmailing sites.
  • Make sure the Apricot is visible.
  • NO direct linking allowed!
  • Do NOT claim them as yours, or you'll see a hell's fury unleashed like never before.

    You can do a mouseover for fun.

    Here Are The Apricot Blossoms:
    Deep Pink Apricot Blossom
    Pink Apricot Blossom
    White Apricot Blossom

    Here Are The dried Apricots:
    Dried Apricot....
    A Read Dried Apricot?
    A Nasty GREEN Dried Apricot!? XD

    Here Are The Apricots:
    Regular Apricot.
    A Lighter Apricot.

    Here Are Some Discolored Apricots XD:
    ._o A light blue apricot...
    A red apricot....o.O
    A Pink Apricot! XD

    The Form is to the right.--->

    Your Site:
    Email Address:
    Comment (type "Apricot"):

    Who Adopted An Apricot:

  • Minh .:www:.
  • Nina-Chan .:www:.
  • Nanette .:www:.


    Other Adoption Sites:
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