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Wino Dog is the greatest comic strip character since Snoopy. Just ask anyone who has seen Wino Dog in action! Except our jealous rivals, of course--they will lie to you, damn them! Wino Dog was created in January of 2001 by M.A. Celis. The basic facts behind Wino Dog's success: the artwork is fabulous, the stories are realistic, the emotions are heart-rending, the inmates run the asylum, and the animals run the zoo.

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Winona Ryder is far too cute for prison. Just dig how sweet she looks all worried on her way to court with a broken arm.
(Hint: click on her picture to find out why millionaires shoplift!)

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Wino Dog's Adventures So Far:

Episode One Wino Dog fights crime in his hometown of Mookyville!
Episode Two Wino Dog flees the clinging women of Mookyville only to find out that violence awaits in the boonies!
Episode Three Wino Dog meets his rival, Wino Duck!
Episode Four Wino Dog explores outer space and meets Martians!
Episode Five Wino Dog versus Mad Cat aboard a flying saucer! Excitement abounds!
Episode Six Wino Dog and Boogyboy roam the streets of Mookyville on a Saturday morning!
Episode Seven The Ghost of Richard M. Nixon unleashes his wrath against Wino Dog and the citizens of Mookyville!
Episode Eight With the help of Wino Duck, Wino Dog defeats the Ghost of Richard M. Nixon!
Episode Nine Wino Dog's job is in jeopardy thanks to a snitch! Damn those no-account upstart punks!
Episode Ten Wino Dog is the new Bob Dylan! Thrill to the rise and fall of his career in rock'n'roll!
Episode Eleven The gang put aside their differences to put on a musical extravaganza for crippled and retarded kids!

Winona Horowitz takes her pal Gwyneth Paltrovitch on a shoplifting spree! It's the latest fad among rich Hollywood Jewesses!There's nothing like getting drunk with your friends after a long day of shoplifting and pill-popping! Drink up!

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Rock'n'Roll Hurricane #1 Meet Luther and Mr. Love, young college anarchists!

Rock'n'Roll Hurricane #2 Murder, intrigue, and French-Canadian conspiracies!

Rock'n'Roll Hurricane #3 Quebecois separatists! Nazis! Satanists!

Rock'n'Roll Hurricane #4 A debate regarding Samuel Taylor Coleridge's interpretation of John Milton's "Paradise Lost"!

Rock'n'Roll Hurricane #5 Suicide! Luther and Mr. Love meet Satan in Hell!

Rock'n'Roll Hurricane #6 Left-handed masturbation! Yeah!

Rock'n'Roll Hurricane #7 A rocketship journey to Planet Oblivion!

Rock'n'Roll Hurricane #8 Martians land on Earth! Earthlings land on Planet Oblivion!

Death By Water #1 Meet Broken-Hearted Billy, a new kind of hero! A lost soul plagued by buck teeth!
Death By Water #2 Broken-Hearted Billy makes a friend, but enemies lie in wait!
Death By Water #3 Broken-Hearted Billy meets a Martian! Evil forces plot Billy's doom!

A Defense of Pottery The adventures of Llewelyn P. Jones, Professor of Archaeology!

Space Funnies This one is a must-see! It makes no sense even to us!

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Winona keeps her eyes peeled for those mean security guys!

Winona not enough woman for ya? Then dig Halle Berry--


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Is Winona praying she doesn't get sent to the pokey for shoplifting?
Winona Ryder is a li'l pill-poppin' shoplifter
two eggs short of an omelette, but damn is she hot--
that is, for a
white girl!

Winona spots a hidden security camera and decides not to steal a magazine after all! Winona loves to order lotsa drinks at a bar and then skip out on her tab! Winona is so proud after stealing this bike from out in front of the public library! What are the odds she paid for those earrings?

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