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For more information about the women in The Spirit's life, look at The Blue Mask and Bette Davis Eyes: The Women of The Spirit.

Mr Carrion & Julia CARRION

Along with his pet vulture, 'Julia', Mr Carrion first appeared trying to con the families of World War II MIAs. The rest of the character's appearances retained his services as a con man.

First appearance: 21 April 1946

Checklist of appearances

21 April 1946 - "Introducing Mr Carrion"

19 May 1946 - "Carrion's Rock"

14 September 1947 - "Into the Light"

25 January 1948 - "Montabaldo"

1 August 1948 - "The Eisner Travel Agency"

3 April 1949 - "A Pot of Gold"

20 November 1949 - "The Thanksgiving Spirit"

12 March 1950 - "The Jewel of Gizeh"

19 March 1950 -"Carrion"

3 September 1950 - "Cape Cod Vacation"

14 January 1951 - "Rife Magazine" (cameo)

18 February 1951 - "To The Spirit with Love"

6 May 1951 - "The Facts"

25 November 1951 - "I Hate The Spirit Because Contest" aka "The League of Liars"

Ellen Dolan


The daughter of Commissioner Dolan, in her pre-war appearances she tried to win the affection of The Spirit by getting into trouble which required The Spirit's assistance. After the war, the relationship evolved with a romantic affection between the two strongly implied. In later years (in November 1950), Ellen ran and won the role of Mayor of Central City.

First appearance: 9 June 1940

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Commissioner Dolan EUSTACE P. DOLAN

The Police Commissioner of Central City, he met The Spirit on his first adventure and although knowing that The Spirit was Denny Colt was under orders to apprehend The Spirit for the first few months. Although Dolan's first name was always given as 'Eustace' in all his post-war Spirit tales, he was called 'Diogenes' by his sister-in-law in one pre-war story.

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Debuting in the 1941 Halloween story. This character started out as an accomplice to attempted murder, but her post-War appearances mellowed her somewhat. Appearing in the annual Halloween sections upto 1950 she did have magical powers but did not use them to intentionally harm anyone.

First appearance: 26 October 1941

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The only child of tycoon Tydeland O'Shea, who died with his wife in an explosion, Darling is the wealthiest girl in the world. A precotious child, she was originally intended to only appear in a single Spirit section but Eisner liked the character so much she would make several more appearances.

First appearance: 9 July 1950

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The Spirit's arch nemesis, The Octopus was never showed his face in the stories but readers could always identify the character by the distinctive gloves he always wore. A master of disguise, The Octopus was involved in the epic fight with The Spirit which left Denny Colt blinded (see "Showdown with The Octopus")

First appearance: 14 July 1946

Checklist of appearances

14 July 1946 - "The Postage Stamp"

17 November 1946 - "Return to Caramba"

1 December 1946 - "The Portier Fortune"

6 July 1947 - "Wanted - Mortimer J. Titmouse"

10 August 1947 - "Sign of The Octopus" aka "Klink Versus The Octopus"

17 August 1947 - "The Picnic"

24 August 1947 - "Showdown with The Octopus"

28 December 1947 "Umbrella Handles"

25 January 1948 - Montabaldo"

1 February 1948 - "El Espirito"

1 August 1948 - "The Eisner Travel Agency"

31 October 1948 - "Hallowe'en Spirit"

5 December 1948 - "Stop the Plot"

26 December 1948 - "Will Eisner's Almanack" (cameo)

4 February 1951 - "Showdown with The Octopus" (reprint)

11 February 1951 - "Octopus Back in U.S.A."

18 February 1951 - "To The Spirit with Love"

25 February 1951 - "The Portier Fortune" (revised reprint)

18 March 1951 - "Darling Unmasks The Octopus"

15 July 1951 - "Heat" (cameo)

22 July 1951 - "Hospital Zone - Quiet"

25 November 1951 - "I Hate The Spirit Because Contest" aka "The League of Liars" (cameo)

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During this characters appearances in The Spirit she had nine husbands and always appeared as a femme fatale.

First appearance: 6 October, 1946

Checklist of appearances

6 October 1946- "Meet P'Gell"

10 November 1946 - "Caramba!"

1 December 1946 - "The Portier Fortune"

12 January 1947 - "Saree"

19 January 1947 - "The School For Girls"

18 May 1947 - "Saree Falls in Love"

25 May 1947 - "The Duce's Locket"

15 June 1947 - "The Lands of Ben Adim"

3 August 1947 - "Competition"

23 November 1947 - "Money"

21 December 1947 - "Jay" (cameo)

23 May 1948 - "Assignment Paris"

1 January 1950 - "Fan Mail" (cameo)

10 September 1950 - "Teacher's Pet"

26 November 1950 - "The Song of Little Willum" (cameo)

31 December 1950 - "New Year's Spirit" (cameo)

14 January 1951 - "Rife Magazine" (cameo)

25 February 1951 - "Portier Fortune" (revised reprint)

25 March 1951 - "Competition" (revised reprint)

20 May 1951 - "The Seventh Husband"

1 July 1951 - "A Ticket Home"

8 July 1951 - "The Island of Pearls"

25 November 1951 - "I Hate The Spirit Because Contest" aka "The League of Liars"

23 March 1952 - "Staple Springs"

4 May 1952 - "L'Espirit"

11 May 1952 - "The Incident of the Sitting Duck"

20 July 1952 - "Marry The Spirit"

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Although only appearing in one story, the tale of Lorelei Rox was one of the most memorable appearances of a femme fatale. Singing a hypnotic song that mesmorizes her victims, this statesque woman almost caused The Spirit to come to grief.

First appearance: 19 September 1948

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Intended as the second replacement for Ebony (the second, called "Blubber", only lasted a few weeks), this character first appeared as a manager of a baseball team. Getting into the same scrapes as Ebony, Sammy continued to appear in the stories on a regular basis until 1952.

First appearance: 31 July 1949

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First created as a character for the John Law comic, Sand Seref is shown as having known Denny Colt as a child as well as knowing that he is now The Spirit. Usually ending up on the opposite side of the law from The Spirit, she works in espionage.

First appearance: 8 January 1950

Checklist of appearances

8 January 1950 - "Sand Saref"

15 January 1950 - "Bring in Sand Saref"

26 February 1950 - "Blood of the Earth"

12 March 1950 - "The Jewel of Gizeh"

19 March 1950 - "Carrion"

26 March 1950 - "The Island"

9 April 1950 - "Rescue"

10 December 1950 - "Snowbound"

14 January 1951 - "Rife Magazine" (cameo)

12 August 1951 - "The Foxtrot Poll"

3 February 1952 - "A Man Named Nero"

20 July 1952 - "Marry The Spirit"

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First appearing in the series as a villain, Sylvia (Silk) Satin had her criminal records destroyed when she worked for the British government. Finding she had a daughter ("Hildie"), Satin went to work for the insurance firm of Croyds of Glasgow and relocated to Scotland, although her paths would cross again with The Spirit on several more occasions.

First appearance: 16 March 1941

Checklist of appearances

16 March 1941 - "Introducing Silk Satin"

8 June 1941 - "5 Passengers in Search of an Author" aka "The Return of Silk Satin"

5 October 1941 - "Sphinx & Satin"

18 January 1942 - "Blowing Up the Dam"

15 February 1942 - "Madam Minx"

7 June 1942 - "The Baby King"

21 June 1942 - "His Majesty King Zenix II"

23 August 1942 - "Espionage in Egypt"

23 July 1944 - "Another Satin"

6 January 1946 - "Hildie and the Kid Gang"

20 January 1946 - "Hildie and Satin"

14 July 1946 - "The Postage Stamp"

17 November 1946 - "Return to Caramba"

15 December 1946 - "The Van Gaull Diamonds"

29 December 1946 - "Hubert the Duck"

12 October 1947 - "Soho Sander and Satin"

30 May 1948 - "The Emerald of Rajapur"

12 June 1949 - "Hurricane"

13 November 1949 - "Surgery"

1 January 1950 - "Fan Mail"

26 November 1950 - "The Song of Little Willum"

14 January 1951 - "Rife Magazine" (cameo)

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P.S. Smith P.S. SMITH

Appearing initially the Philadephia Enquirer as a pantomime strip appearing underneath the main Spirit story, Eisner introduced the character as Algernon Tidewater in 1941. The character was renamed P.S. in his first postwar appearance in May 1946. Never speaking, the character was usually seen sucking a peppermint stick and was usually support for characters like Sammy and Ebony.

First appearance: 22 June 1941

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The Spirit


Police Officer Denny Colt was thought dead and buried at Wildwood Cemetery after a gunfight in which he is covered in some experimental chemicals. Returning to life he assumes the guise of The Spirit and wages a one-man war against crime and injustice. Although he has no superpowers, The Spirit is able to take practically an endless amount of physical punishment. It is also suggested that the chemicals in which he was doused in have prolonged his life.

First appearance: 2 June 1940

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Ebony White


Originally a taxi driver, Ebony met The Spirit on his second case and remained as his assistant ever since. After the war Eisner sent Ebony to school and out of the stories for a while, weary that Ebony may have been seen as a caricature, which was certainly the way he appeared during the first year of publication but had developed since then to become one of the strongest members of the cast.

First appearance: 9 June, 1940

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