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My name is C Wilson Trull, aka the Webtroll. I am a graphic artist/Cartoonist living in the Pacific Northwest. My interests include Role Playing games (LARPs, MUDS,etc.), Comics (Online and dead tree), Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror (psycological, not so much the gore) and the Occult.
This site was created to showcase my paintings, illustrations, stories, games and digital art. It is a work-in-progress so it will be constantly changing as I add more art, stories and games. I have also included links to other sites dealing with RPG's, Online Comics and other sites that have peeked my interest.
Pages are best viewed with your monitor set at 800 x 600 and with IE 4.0 or higher or Navigator 3.0 or higher.

Be forwarned:

This is a graphics heavy site. Its load speed depends on your connection and patience. I hope you stick around.
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