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Listen & learn Coptic (Egyptian) language

in this site you will learn  how to

talk in true Egyptian language

( Coptic )

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    we are dealing with the ancient original   

 pronunciation in this site , you may find it

 slightly different from what you might

  have heard.




    the pronunciation given here , is the result

 of many researches, manuscripts , etc ....

 it is easy &  only related to the Egyptian

 tongue , not the Greek one.



   this is the photo of our beloved country

  Egypt or  (Kimi ) as was pronounced by the

 Egyptians for thousands years, till it was 

changed to: (masr)    after the Arab invasion .




I'm an  Egyptian

woman, from the time of the pharaohs,  if you go to upper Kimi.....,         

sorry; upper Egypt,

you are going to find many Egyptian girls

which look exactly

like me, till the present time.


we are Egyptians

not Arabs, although

we've changed our

language now.




 you're right, we are all Egyptians, 


(I'm from the Coptic........,

I mean the Greco-

roman period).

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