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Chantal's Guide to

Tea Bag Folding

It's great to see you here! Let me start by telling you a bit about the art of teabag folding, or kaleidoscope folding.

This hobby originated in Europe, the Netherlands to be exact. A well-known woman (Tiny van der Plas), who had already written dozens of books for several hobby's and crafts, came up with a new idea. Would it be possible to do something with the colorful wrappers that the teabags are supplied in? A new hype was born.

Kaleidoscope folding is actually a form of origami, only much easier. By folding pieces of paper with the same or matching images the same way over and over, and putting them together in a mandala or medallion, one can almost literally go on forever and never make the same thing twice. Ready to begin? Okay, here are the basics you need.

  • teabags or kaleidoscope paper
  • cutting mate
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • eraser
  • hobbyknife
  • hobby glue (make sure it's white glue or "dry" paper glue)
  • Double sided (Scotch) tape
  • cards

I know, it's a lot. You can add whatever you want to the list: ribbon, glitter, colored sand, anything! Okay, you got that? Here we go! First stop: a few next!

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