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Hello and welcome to my on-line photography portfolio !
My background is in film / video and special effects. I do a lot of   Video and Motion Picture work   in the fashion industry. I  direct, shoot and edit music videos, television commercials and fashion videos here in New York City and occasionally, Los Angeles and other parts of the world.
I  own quite a variety of cameras and advanced computerized video equipment, including specialized digital effects gear.  My aim is to apply my video and film techniques to artistic photography.
I shoot fashion photographic stills of all types and styles and manipulate them using computers 
and "traditional"  equipment.  I'm always looking for models located in the Northeast area that need some new and creative photos for their portfolios and webpages.
Experimenting is fun. I am open to all new ideas.  I approach my projects as an artist. 
Have fun exploring my website ! 
Feel free to get in touch ! 
- Brian B. aka-Surfinbird
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 Mikayla Yamada

 Scary Kerry



 Krissy P.


 Elizabeth & Dorian


 Kristin 2

Ashton Shane




 Katie Jordan

Click each picture or logo to enter model's portfolio

My Motion Picture and Video work in the Fashion Industry

My Newest portfolio on my Website 

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