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Just a stone's throw from Seattle, Whidbey Island was once an untouched virginal land filled with wildlife and savage Indians. Whidbey Island, Washington became a home for pirates, and a few hearty people who tamed the island for their own use. The island is now fast becomming a busy metropolis.

As with all progress, it's sad to see the old ways, and the old sights vanish. Here on my webpage, and through my camera, what little is left of it's natural beauty will live forever.

If you wish to use any of these pictures for private or commercial use, feel free. Just don't come back some day and tell me they belong to you, because I have retained the negatives. They are not copyrighted or restricted in any way, I hate webpages which do that. Nature is free and her pictures should be as well. This is a new webpage created on 10 June 2001. As time goes by it will grow. I will post pictures of the native wildlife, landscapes, but especially sunrises and sunsets. Whidbey Island is argueably the second most beautiful place on Earth, followed only by the coast of China.

The pictures are posted in all their original glory, uncrunched and unresized. I know, they don't look as good that way, but it's necessary for your benefit, because I don't care how good an editing program is, they all distort a picture. I will leave it up to you to cut and resize what you need. Most of these pictures are 800 X 600 or larger, and work well as wallpaper.

Click here to draw on The Graffiti Wall. Leave a prayer for the Tsunami victims, leave a comment, leave a memory or a picture. If it's PG rated, I will put it on The Wall.


This sight will grow almost daily. If you have a request, drop me a line.

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