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Just click on the link to the picture you'd like to view...  I don't know how I really started getting into drawing Daria but it's stuck and I've got myself a little fan base that keeps me doing it :) that and i actually have professors that tell me to keep it up because it's great practice in just character drawing and it's taught me more about photoshop than any class could

you will notice that as the time has passed, these images have gotten sooooo much better. i can hardly believe i'm the artist sometimes ;)

and to tell you the truth... some of these don't start out as daria art, i have a character that looks like daria (she just has longer hair and thinner frames).  and i also did a bunch of these for school assignments using characters i'm familiar with and giving them the" assigned" makeover. so it just kinda works out for when people are demanding that i put out more work... it's cheating... i admit it... and i don't care. so there (hey! that rhymed!)

if you would like to post some of these images on your "daria" site, please e-mail me.  my name MUST stay intact on the image or it cannot be displayed elsewhere. these images are copyrighted by myself and belong to me.  i put a hell of a lot of effort into them and i'm not to keen on the idea of them being stolen.

also... i have NO clue if this is all the art i've done... i've done so much of this stuff over the years i've lost track of some of it! (oops) if i find some lying around on a zip disk somewhere i'll add it. i know a bunch of it is missing right now. if you know of any i've missed please point it out to me!

Frequently Asked Questions about my "Daria" Art

Daria Makeovers:

daria drawn in a comic book style

daria as laura croft

daria as a princess

daria as a nurse

daria in titanic

daria in titanic #2

daria in a japenese school uniform

daria as a genie

daria dressed in some outfit I own

daria as comic book character lady pendragon

daria as shirley temple

daria as star trek's seven of nine

daria as ginger spice (from IVG's fanfic)

daria as a fairy

Quinn Makeovers:

quinn as a silent film star

quinn as a waitress on roller skates

quinn in a 50's outfit

Miscellaneous Makeovers:

daria and quinn in scooby doo

jane and daria as playboy bunnies

trent, daria, and jane go out to hunt the blair witch!

the fashion club as the darkmoon circus sisters from sailor moon

sandi drawn in my style

daria and trent drawn in a new style

monique as queen beryl

trent in a new outfit 

chibi fashion club

monique as a belly dancer

trent as james bond with daria as his bond chick ;)

daria and jane as voodoo priestesses 

the fashion club and brittany posing for a famous picasso painting (i know the people in his painting were all prostitutes but that doesnt' mean... nevermind)

brittany in a pickachu costume ...i sawsomething like it  at an anime convention :)

daria and jane graduate! go class of 2000! :)

jane as a magician

Series Pictures:

    The Daria Cast as fashion models:

sandi as a model

stacy as a model

daria in one of my creations :)

jodie modeling frankie b.

brittany in a versace swimsuit

monique modeling something kinda' skanky  (hehe)

Quinn modeling Carol Herra

    Daria Cast As Different 80's Cartoons

brittany as rainbow bright

quinn as strawberry shortcake

daria as a my little pony

jane as a my little pony

quinn  as a my little pony

brittany  as a my little pony

all four of these in a neat pic

    The "Greek" Series ;)

daria in greek attire

daria as a centaur (however you spell it... whatever)

trent as a centaur

quinn as a centaur

Other Art (illustration work):

want me to illustrate one of your stories? if you ask really nicely i might comply ;) actually it all depends on my schedule and such... but i enjoy drawing and if you have a great idea for an illustration i love a challenge!

trent comforting daria (from a Nemo Blank's story)

daria with a new look (from a Nemo Blank story)

Christophe (a character from a Nemo Blank story)

Daria pointing the way out to Dominic (a scene from a diane long story)

Daria waking up in the morning (a scene from a diane long story)

jane looking out the window (a scene from a diane long story)


oh yeah... i don't own "daria"... MTV does... although if you are from MTV and like my work... i'm looking for a job! really! i'll be out of college soon!