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Valentine Signatures

Remember when you CC&P the code to remove any blank lines/spaces above the code in your email signature box or only the code will show up on your emails and not the intended images.

Nothing here is to be added to a 'free' graphics site. These are not copyright free images! Personal emails and homepages only.

*Bunnies* *Bears*
*Sexy Cupid* *Bunnies*
*Mouse* *Kitty*
*Sad Puppy* *Kitties*
*Love Kats* *Tiny Cupids*
*Pretty Kitty* *Teddys*
*Roses* *Cat*
*Mouse* *Lovebirds*
*Sad Dog* *Cute Kat*
*Lovebirds* *Cute Mice*
*Cute Kids* *Polar Bears*
*Champagne N Roses* *Baby Animals*
*Cocker Pup* *Unicorns*
*Lady Cupid* *Angel Girl*
*Puppy Love* *White Kitten*

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