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Here is a carving of a 17 century pirate ship wreck.

Length 35"(89cm) X Height 27"(69cm) - from base to top of bowsprit.

Width 19" (49cm). Weight 29kgs.

It took me almost a year to complete (started at the beginning of 2002) and is offered for sale for the first time.

It is carved out of local and imported woods and mounted on a polished Mahogany base.

It is also carved to look and feel like it has been lying on a bed of rocks for 3 or 4 hundred years.

It was painted by the  very well known artist in Australia - Don Paull.

The wreck is adorned with  intricate carvings on the stern -  faces - knights - nobles, sea monsters, horses,  which is in keeping for that period.

The figurehead is a lion,  nestled in the beak head.

There is a small gold plaque on the base with the inscription..."The Wreck" carved by Martin Jeffery.

The entire carving has been fully treated against tropical and other infestations and is sealed to last at least a few hundred years.....on land.

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THE WRECK HAS BEEN SOLD!! Thanks to ALL. Martin Jeffery.

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