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Neuro Visceral Exhumation
Mass Murder Festival

Interview with Luis Frederico

Hi are you ? thanks for the chance to doing this interview bro...

Hi pal , thank you for sendin' the intie!!

Okay, you're far away from Brazil, so how Dave No Escape Recs catch you ?

Sascha Pahlke of C.B.T. told me about the 'GREAT' label called NO ESCAPE RECORDS when we planned about our split 7''ep with BRADYPHAGIA , it means , C.B.T. side project!! NO ESCAPE is a extremely cool and professional label!!!

Mass Murder Festival' is fucking heavy de-compositions, how lond did you prepared for this sophomore release ?

We were preparing all the stuff since may of 2001 and we finished the songs ''de-compositions'' in october of 2001 and recorded them in january of 2002.

Please tell me about your scene these days ? does Sepultura still a hero out there ? where should I found some chicks with nice big tits there ?

Never heard too much Sepultura but they old albums are cool i think... their new stuff is horrible... fuck off this band for happy playboy assholes ! Which scene? Brasil's scene or Gore scene in Brasil??? First about Brasil's scene in general : here is 40% brutal death metal and black metal listeners , 50% listens to heavy metal and shit like nightwish(kill this shit!!) and the other 10% listen to some more brutal stuff like goregrind and old death metal , here is where i am. Now, about Goregrind scene in Brasil : it's getting bigger each time more, it's very good!!!!!!! About good women , you can find every place of the world... here in Brasil is filled with pretty and sexy girls... but you must have $$$$ and good appearance first of all in the majority of the cases...

It looks like that you hate the labels who didn't believe in Neuro-Visceral Exhumation, could you tell exactly what was shit happened ?

I've asked several labels to release MASS MURDER FESTIVAL but they came up with those stupid answers like '' i have too much stuff to release this years....'' and did not release anything!!! And the worst... they released stupid bands after refusing our work !

Again 'Mass Murder Festival' is an interesting title and I agree to all of your notice on the back tray cd, you mentioning the cause of mass murder from religious fanatics, politics to animal murdered for material way...comment ?

Huuum... Oh , yeah... that sounds cliché but a lot of people do not know all those shit and think all those words are lies... this is sad! The world is really dying , the human race is consuming the world... killing animals , polluting and slaying everything... it means , slay some humans(stupid) is not so bad ... some people that are simply fuckin' our world!!!

Where did you found name of Neuro-Visceral Exhumation ?

Drugs consequence!

Who draws your sick logo ? and does that Sascha from Cock And Ball Torture who designed your art direction and layout?

Our logo was done by Christopher from Belgium! Sascha Pahlke made the booklet in the way he wanted to , i just gave him the material to prepare all the stuff... Sascha's competence to do these kind of works is extremely great!!

Tell me about 'Ultra Massive Assassination Procedures' !!

Second song of the album! Some of the most interesting songs of the album... we often play it on our gigs!!! It's about killing human race again, we wrote this song in the most hatred period of my life!!! I was extremely stressed those days when i did this song on my head.... For example , i was on a party full of boys and girls , all they were happy with that futile stupidity , i stayed very annoyed with all that... i did the song name and when i arrive home i made the song!!

Well, I'm out of the time...any exhumation comment ?

Thank you for this cool intie and let's fight for a better world ... utopic but we must do our part... except this just waiting all humans decease ! Gory regards to our fans and people who bought our stuff!!!!!

Luis Frederico
G. de Campos
Rua 13 de Maio-984-Centro-San Carlos-SP
CEP: 13560-130