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Other Famous Ladies


The Seven Sutherland Sisters:



The Seven Sutherland Sisters, a group of singing ladies from Lockport/ Niagara, N.Y., were famous for their long hair, which they showed off in a sideshow of Barnum & Bailey’s from about 1882 to 1907. On such group photos the sisters were always placed in such a way that it seemed all of the sisters had hair reaching the floor.




Sarah Sutherland of “The Seven Sutherland Sisters”. Her hair wasn’t very long, only 3 feet, but wavy and thick. She was the one who founded the singing group. But the most impressive thing for the audience wasn’t the singing but the hair.

All seven sisters were born in the town of Cambria, near the city of Lockport, Niagara County, N.Y.


(Photo: The Niagara County Historical Society).






Grace Sutherland with her five feet long, auburn mane. All of her life she was very proud of it. She never married and lived until 1946.











Grace. The sisters spent much of their time traveling from city to city: in 1882 with W.W. Coles Colossal Show, by 1884 with “Barnum and Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth”, also posing in drug store windows or hotels lobbies. It was always a good chance to advertise their hair tonic.










Mary Sutherland. Her heavy, dark brown hair was six feet (180cm) long. Much of her life she suffered mental problems.












Mary completely enveloped in her hair.

(Photo: The Niagara County Historical Society)










Dora Sutherland.

(Photo: The Niagara County Historical Society)










Victoria Sutherland was the most beautiful lady of the seven sisters and the one with the longest hair, which reached seven feet (210cm). When she was 45 years old she married a young man of 19 years.









Isabella’s hair was six feet long (180cm). She married twice.












Naomi Sutherland. She had the most massive hair of all the sisters, which enveloped her whole body as with a garment. When she unbraided her four inches thick braid, her 5 feet and a half long hair (167cm) completely covered her body. Naomi was married to Henry Bailey, son of the partner of Barnum. He formed the Sutherland Sisters Corporation to sell a special hair tonic.










Anna Louise Roberts, a mysterious  substitute who travelled  with the Sisters for a couple of years after Naomi’s death in 1893. The young lady from Carbondale/ Pennsylvania had actually tresses nine feet long (2,70 meters)!









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