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A History of Long Hair Contests


When the 20th century was young, women from all over the western world began to cut off their former so luxuriant manes. Suddenly long hair became a rarity and there were contests held to display really long tresses in this changed world.

This is a short and incomplete history of long hair contests since 1910 until now.



Contestants in Berlin/Germany about 1910.







A long hair contest in Los Angeles in the Twenties.






Antaninas Vitkauskaites-Bacienlienes holds the national Guinness record for the longest hair in Lithuania (2,15 meters) till to date.












Lydia McPherson won the State Fair contest, conducted by the Sacramento/Calif. Chamber of Commerce, simply with the length of her locks in the Twenties. She is shown here with musical comedy star Peggy Chamberlain.






Skuldfried Sjorgien with her Guinness Record hair of more than 3 meters in the Twenties.










Hanka Kelter, a Polish born model who staged in a side show of Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Baileys circus during the Forties. Her gorgeous dark brown locks were 1,50 meters long.








Irmgard Symanzik, a German lady from Guetersloh, held the first German Guinness record over years in the mid-seventies with her 2 meters+  hair.











Mary Tucker (born 1923) from Long Beach/California won the contest of longest hair of the magazine “National Enquirer” 1981. Her hair was 2,20 meters long. This photo is by Stan Shuttleworth, the late Californian photographer whose pictures are among the best and most impressive ones in long hair photography.






Soon Stephenson from Kansas City was among the winners of the same contest. Her 2 meters hair made it for the second place.







Candace Westholm from Annapolis/Md. was the winner of the third place with her 1,90 meters mane.












Marie-Odile Lefebvre won the French Guinness record in 1981 with her 1,80 meters long mane.











Cindy Christian (born 1957) from Lansing/ Michigan is one of the most beautiful ladies in our gallery. Her exquisitely long blonde hair of more than 1,80 meters brought her a Guinness book mention in the mid-eighties.







Georgia Sebrantke, a Greek born lady who lives near Bremen in Germany held the German record of longest hair since 1983 till the mid-nineties. Her hair grew over the years to more than 3 meters in length.








Hiroko Yamazaki from Japan with 2,60 meters of hair.










Celine Dion-Dupont, (born 1949), longest hair in Quebec/Canada 1986. Her hair was 1,55 meters long, three centimetres shorter than her height.








Judy Todd (born 1953) from Tulare/California received a 200 $ prize as the grand winner of the 1986 “National Enquirer” contest of the longest hair in America. She is only 1,56 meters tall but her hair reaches a length of more than 2,20 meters.








Thelma Schultz-Holman, a Dutch lady from Hertogenbush, holds the Guinness record in the Netherlands since 1987 with a hair-length of 2,15 meters.








Group of winners of a British contest in 1989.









Balbir Kaur, the beautiful winner of the 1989 “Long & Lovely” competition of the fashion magazine HAIR. Her 1,50 meters tresses are a rarity in Great Britain, but not in her Indian home country, were the Sikh people never cut their hair. Kaur is a typical Sikh name and means “Princess”.







Dorie Geronimo, a Philippine born woman in England won another HAIR contest with her mane of 1,70 meters of black hair.




Darla Reed, another Californian lady with 2 meters+ hair.










Diane Witt from Worcester/ Massachusetts held both the American and Guinness World record as well from 1989 to about 1996 with her red-brown mane of 3 meters+ hair.









Diane Witt is the living Rapunzel of our days.






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