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Keyonna's Page

I use to hate commercials. There were nothing to me but @*$#in interuptions in the middle of my favorite televisions programs. They usually lasted two and two as Chuck Woolary used to say on Love Connection. But why I use to ask? I dont know... They did come in handy sometimes, when I needed to go to the bathroom, do my homework, or go to the kitchen to get a snack. When I realized that they were'nt going anywhere I figured I had to accept them. When I learned that if it was'nt for television commercials that television shows would'nt survive because they're there the main source of income I learned to appreciate them. Over time I learned to like'em especialy the funny ones which had nothing to do with the products that they were advertising.I have a couple of those up my sleve myself....


This one is my milk commercial. It was my first one, this commercial was about twin sisters who were each shacken up with there boyfriends treating them equally well, but one got a waaaaaaay better ring than the other because she bought her man milk every morning.


My lotto commercial was about a maid who was caught jumping on her bosses bed in a dirty house, while there children were running wild. As they walked in after there date she began turning flips and jumping harder with her lotto ticket in her hand.