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Adina Sydney's 2002 02/01/2002
Debbie Stevens Object Of Terror! 03/01/2002
Linda McQuarrie-Bowerman James 04/01/2002
Matthew Burton Before The Road Meets The Blue 09/01/2002
Stephen Collicoat Pearson Survives Her Parents 13/01/2002
Scott Jamieson What Is A Treasure? 19/01/2002
Melissa Maree Quirk Without You 24/01/2002
Alison Saunders Nine VII 31/01/2002
Adina Life's Span 04/02/2002
Peggy O'Hara Nothing Less Than Eternity 05/02/2002
Vitor Koh The Same Light 08/02/2002
Stephen Collicoat Before Your Incandesence 11/02/2002
Jason Westen Thomas 11/02/2002
Sheila Hilton People Of The World Unite 17/02/2002
Stephen King How Can It Be? 22/02/2002
Peggy O'Hara The Crack In My Heart 28/02/2002
Noeleen Ginnane Quiet 02/03/2002
Des Hicowe Bike Rider 04/03/2002
Stephen Collicoat The Return Of Hope 04/03/2002
Phil Johnson Mother's Day 05/03/2002
Andrea Da Costa The Reawakening 05/03/2002
Jim Remembrance 07/03/2002
Simone Ancilleri Secrets 09/03/2002
William Jenkinson Giving All 10/03/2002
Virginia Anne Bryan Initiation 10/03/2002
Seema Banerjee Promise 15/03/2002
Jai Alexander* Red Cougars 16/03/2002
Peter Sprenkeler The Futility... (Of War) 17/03/2002
Anjelka Bazdaric Silent Touch 20/03/2002
Chris Johnson Mootwingee 22/03/2002
Cherelle Tiedeman His Garden 23/03/2002
Scott Kendall Story 27/03/2002
Jason Foster El Dorado 28/03/2002
Joyce Mendrik The Australian Outback 29/03/2002
Thomas C. McLeod Star Light, Star Bright! 02/04/2002
Sukanto Bhattacharya Night 04/04/2002
Pamela Pearce Untotal Recall 08/04/2002
Alex Pozniak Sonnet #4 09/04/2002
Yelena Pavlova In, Through 10/04/2002
R. Erica Kirton My Brooklyn - Mood 1 11/04/2002
Maree Martin The Hidden Place 15/04/2002
Tina-Maree Rieck We Hope & Wait 16/04/2002
Capistrano And The Horses Heads Were Like Lions Heads 19/04/2002
Matthew Johnson Lookin' Back 24/04/2002
Shawn Truesdell One 27/04/2002
Jennifer Walker I Thought I'd Go Crazy 29/04/2002
Peggy O'Hara I Remember 29/04/2002
Tim Fiegert The Fate Of The Passing 03/05/2002
William A. Hickey Poinciana 08/05/2002
Alison Dennehy Thomas 09/05/2002
Kristin Ruth Jones Alone 10/05/2002
Sarah Harris Better 11/05/2002
Sophie Phillips Baby Blue 12/05/2002
Chris Johnson One Day's Freedom 14/05/2002
Andrea Da Costa Poetry Speaks 16/05/2002
Nicole Anne Braganza Moments In Time 16/05/2002
Jenny Nicholson I Love Australia 17/05/2002
S. Harris Art In Words & On Paper 17/05/2002
Paul Calvin Wilson Lonely As An Eyesore 24/05/2002
Kolin Finlay Untitled 29/05/2002
Julie Taylor For My Children 05/06/2002
Dave Soriano Linguistic Tongues 06/06/2002
James Dean Van Den Hooven Life 06/06/2002
Peggy O'Hara Strength Of Days Gone By 09/06/2002
Elaine Bean Proudly Australian 16/06/2002
Stephen Collicoat In Night's Mad Thoughts 16/06/2002
Martin Creaney Darkness Feasting 18/06/2002
John Kachoyan Questing 18/06/2002
Raven Youngblood Freedoms Cost 22/06/2002
Peter Sprenkeler Violence & Retaliation 30/06/2002
Simon Stratton My Darkened Friend 08/07/2002
Chris Johnson Millennium 17/07/2002
Lyrian Fleming Infidelity 27/07/2002
Sugar Garcia Breathe 29/07/2002
Peggy O'Hara Our Own Piece Of Heaven 29/07/2002
Asif Barkhiya True Love 04/08/2002
Stephen Collicoat Bag Lady 04/08/2002
Roger Ruthen The Curse 07/08/2002
Curtis Joseph Red Fog 07/08/2002
Danielle Cristallo The River 07/08/2002
Sarah Vo Untitled 15/08/2002
Simon Stratton A Stolen Soul 22/08/2002
Peter Tremain George 22/08/2002
Tim Etherington Shooting Through 09/09/2002
Cosmo Greco Love Is 15/09/2002
Alyson Leithhead Gone Bush 20/09/2002
Peter Sprenkeler Sixty Three Reasons 23/09/2002
Osborn J. Taylor Night Sail Unto Day 23/09/2002
Leanne Scott Butterfly 02/10/2002
Rachel Berry When, From The Beginning 06/10/2002
Karen Brown Arcane Massacre 06/10/2002
Lindsay Smith Into The Realms Of Mystique 08/10/2002
Gautam Ku Mishra I Hide The Water Of The Seas 10/10/2002
Jacqueline Dripping Tears 17/10/2002
Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper Wind Chimes 04/11/2002
Katina Messinis I Do Confess 05/11/2002
Paula Tracy Dictatorship Of 9am 13/11/2002
Yvonne C. Powell I Think Of You 14/11/2002
Denise Hobbs The Window Of Your Knee 27/11/2002
Legend: * = Oz Poetic Society Roll of Honour listing for their contribution and effort.




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