N. D. Hansen-Hill

I am now working on novel #22 (paranormal suspense).

Visit my EXCERPTS page to read 3 to 6 CHAPTERS (!) from each of my sixteen published novels (The Light Play Trilogy, The Trees Series, The Grave Images Series, The Elf Chronicles, Vision, Static), or read #14, Vision, in its entirety, absolutely free!!!

You can find my books at Fictionwise, Amazon, or ask for them at your local library or favourite bookstore.

What have I been doing recently?

-Book #22 (as yet untitled), finishing rewrites on Grave Image(#4), The Hollowing, BloodWorks, Relic, and Gilded Folly, working on my MSc (still), learning Mandarin, and painting when I have time!

"What bring thee to thy faerie tale..."

**("Steve King better look out!..." )**


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