Book Reviews: Science, Nature

Listed alphabetically by author.

Lincoln Barnett

The Universe and Dr. Einstein

Very readable and generally clear and understandable review of relativity, etc. However, an old book, and so some of the material is dated. Very good, however. Some good quotes from Einstein near the end. 11/10/91

Freeman Dyson

Infinite in All Directions

Fascinating, wide-ranging (too much so, probably), imaginative, well-informed, and readable. Occasional lapses into too-abstract dullness, but more often providing original, startling, and convincing insights, ideas, and opinions. The final chapter is disappointing and/or unconvincing, which perhaps means I should read it again more attentively. But all in all, eminently worth reading or rereading. 10/3/89

Dean Hamer

Living With Our Genes Read in 1998, good, valuable. See document "Recommended Reading" in Fatherly Advice, my book-in-progress.

Michael Pitts and Mark Roberts

Fairweather Eden

The story of a very important archeological dig in Britain. The story is fascinating enough, and even some of the details of current methods in archeology are very interesting, but as is too common with such books the big picture tends to get obscured by the minutiae, and some of the detail here is both totally irrelevant and uninteresting. As well, the story jumps around, especially the background material from the 1800s and early 1900s. Disorganized and discursive, too often straining for literary effect, this book does not deserve the high praise for readability it gets on the back cover. I would do well to read a more general book on human evolution and anthropology; this book provides but a small piece. I'm glad to have read it, however. Don't reread . . . but do find out more about the continuing work at Boxgrove. 9/15/99