Jumping Mouse

From Hyemeyohsts Storm, Seven Arrows, Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, Inc., New York, 1972, pages 68-85, edited for continuity.

Because the story of Jumping Mouse is now available elsewhere on the web, I have removed it from this web site. I urge you to follow the link and read it on the author's web site. Here's the link.

Note: one reviewer on Amazon.com states that this book is a fake and gets the religion all wrong (and that's why it's published as fiction). I urge you to read that review, as it certainly gave me food for thought! Here's the link. If that link doesn't work, go to Amazon.com and search for Seven Arrows. Even if what Al Carroll says there is true, the book is still a great read; just don't believe it as fact and don't take Storm's description of the religion as accurate.

Carroll's review is not the first encounter I've had with criticism of "the white man" continuing to abuse indians, now by "stealing" their religion. I am sympathetic with this point of view, but I also think that "the white man" desperately needs all the help he can get toward becoming more respectful of other life forms and more "spiritual" in the sense of being less materialistic. Surely, the religion and spirituality can be shared by all who need it.