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Anaïs Nin, 1903-1977

A web page by Alan Nicoll.

Many years ago I read a few of Anaïs's books, but never got very excited about any of it. Then, some time around 1/1/01, I got to reading vol. 1 of her Early Diaries, and did get very excited about it, hence this web page. Since then I've read vols. 1-3 of the early diaries, and one novel. I've tried twice to get through vol. 4, and failed, and so I haven't added to this page in a long while. I hope eventually to read ALL the diaries.

I apologize for the minimalist nature of this web page, but I have better things to do than add bells and whistles to something that will be seen by very few people.

Anaïs Nin's Diaries:

Linotte, 1914-1920: Read July-August, 2001.
Written when Anaïs was 11 to 17 years old.
My selections. Thorvald and Joaquinito are her younger brothers. More selections (not mine) are available at link.
My review

Early Diary, Vol. 2, 1920-1923: Read September-October, 2001.
Written when Anaïs was 17 to 20 years old.
My selections. Hugo becomes her fiancee, Eduardo is a cousin.
My review

Anaïs Nin's Novels:

The Seduction of the Minotaur, 1961: Read August-September, 2001.
My selections
My review


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