Characters in Eliot’s Middlemarch

Through Chapter 33


Mr. Brooke, master of the Grange, uncle to

            Dorothea Brooke, engaged to Mr. Casaubon

            Celia Brooke, Dorothea’s younger sister


Mr. Casaubon, a scholar, master of Lowick Manor, engaged to Dorothea Brooke; 2nd cousin to Will Ladislaw


Walter Vincy, Mayor of Middlemarch, master of Lowick Gate, husband to

Lucy Vincy

father to

Fred Vincy, the scapegrace, in love with Mary Garth

            Rosamond Vincy, the beauty, “the flower of Middlemarch”

            Louise Vincy, a child (Ch. 16)

brother to Harriet Vincy (Aunt Bulstrode), who is married to Mr. Bulstrode and is friend of Selina Plymdale

employer to

Miss Morgan, governess (Ch. 16)

Pritchard, servant (Ch. 26)


Sir James Chettam, baronet, enamored of Dorothea Brooke until her engagement, and son of

            Dowager Lady Chettam (Ch. 33)


Dr. Lydgate, new doctor in Middlemarch, attracted to Rosamond Vincy


Mr. Bulstrode, banker, husband of Harriet Vincy and father of Kate (?) (Ch. 31)


Peter Featherstone, master of Stone Court, uncle to Fred and Rosamond Vincy, and employer of Mary Garth, brother to:

            Jonah Featherstone (Ch. 32)

            Solomon Featherstone (Ch. 32)

            Mrs. Cranch (Martha Featherstone; Ch. 32) , who is mother of Tom Cranch (Ch. 32)

            Mrs. Waule (Jane Featherstone; Ch. 32)

and friend of Borthrop Trumbull (Ch. 32), supercilious auctioneer


Caleb Garth (Ch. 23), husband of

Susan Garth (Ch. 23)

father of

            Mary Garth, who is employed by Mr. Featherstone

            Ben Garth, child receiving lessons from Mrs. Garth (Ch. 24)

            Letty Garth, child receiving lessons from Mrs. Garth (Ch. 24)


Rev. Camden Farebrother, Vicar of St. Botolph’s (Ch. 17; mentioned in Ch. 13), beetle collector, and

            Mrs. Farebrother, his mother (Ch. 17), lively and precise

            Miss Noble, Mrs. Farebrother’s sister, elderly sugar thief (Ch. 17)

            Miss Winifred Farebrother, his elder sister (Ch. 17)


Will Ladislaw (Ch. 19), smitten by Dorothea Brooke, and friend of

Adolf Naumann (Ch. 19), an artist


Selina Plymdale (Ch. 31), a “tamed falcon,” friend of Harriet Vincy and mother to

Ned Plymdale (Ch. 27), young man interested in Rosamond Vincy


Minor Characters

Humphrey Cadwallader, Rector of Tipton and Freshett, friend to Sir James and husband to

            Mrs. Cadwallader

Mrs. Fitchett, lodgekeeper (Ch. 6)

Mr. Chichely, the coroner (Ch. 16)

Dr. Sprague, physician who appears in Ch. 16, and Dr. Minchin, who does not.

Mr. Wrench, physician to the Vincys (Ch. 26)

Mr. Peacock, another physician mentioned in Ch. 26

Horrock (Ch. 23), reticent horse trader

Banbridge (Ch. 23), talkative horse trader

Mr. Tucker (Ch. 28), curate


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